Saturday, January 19, 2008

Condition the fish, his painting to angels

I was so busy today!
I got up at 6:40 to work at eight, and then I had Foundations of Fitness. I rode an elliptical for the first time in my life, and it was purely amazing. It's my new favorite thing in the whole wide world. Mitch and I are going to the fitness center tomorrow to bike (that's for him) and work on the elliptical. I can't forget to bring my ipod, or at least my headphones so I can plug into the machine and listen to CNN. Technology, these days! Not only that, while riding the bike, Mitch can watch whatever he wants via a personal TV that's built into the machine. So cool.
Speaking of headphones, I need a new pair. My trusty pair has finally busted--the right headphone cuts in and out, making listening to anything positively annoying. I also need a padlock for my locker when I have badminton, ect., so people don't take my clothes and valuables. Stealing is so mean.
I also had Small Group Communication today. We picked our groups. Well, first what happened is we all went up to the board to write the activism issue most important to us. I wrote LGBTQIA issues, but nobody else did. Well, as the grouping process went on, people joined my group! I'm very happy with the final members, and I got a good feeling of bravery as a result of my independent answer.
I also worked in Admissions today, but only for an hour.
We went over to St. Thomas tonight to hang out with Brian, Tony, and some of their friends. We ordered in Chinese--although it's been claimed to be delicious, it most assuredly wasn't my favorite--and then played Buzzword, Pictionary, and Harry Potter Scene It.
I'm exhausted now. I got up so early, and have done so much today.
Oh, one more thing: I have to read 160 pages of the Odyssey by Tuesday, read two more chapters of my Guide to Writing, type the contract for our small group (named "Thunder and Lightning,") go to Grandma's to pick up my favorite tennies that were sadly forgotten by her door, go back to St. Thomas to retrieve my forgotten laptop and Small Group Comm. folder, work on my CIEE application, and go to Target to get various things, such as the padlock and new headphones...even though I have no money for them.

I have one more Larry Crockett quote to share with you, courtesy of Alex:
"I'm 53 and I feel fabulous."
I love that man.

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