Saturday, January 5, 2008

Change for Chansey

Atama ga itai! (I have a headache). I woke up at about 10 o'clock this morning and went to work at 11:40ish. The office celebrated Brenda's birthday today, so we had Davanni's pizza and tasty chocolate cake with orange frosting. Ben and I worked tirelessly all day: I did two apps and a butt ton of yellow folder stuffs. After work (four o'clock), Mitch and I went back to the room so I could have a nap before we went over to St. Thomas to hang with Tony and Brian. First we went to Cossetta's for dinner. We all had pizza, and it's supposed to be some of the best in the Twin Cities, but I feel Pizza Luce makes it better. Cossetta's was also extremely greasy, which upsets me greatly. Greasy pizza is not great pizza! I look forward to a day when I can eat real Italian pizza without terrible additives and made by healthy methods.
After dinner, we went back to Brian and Tony's dorm to play Buzz Word with their kooky roommates; later we also played Shipwreck (I'm excited to announce that they all enjoyed it very much). I brought Edward Scissorhands to watch, but we didn't get to it, the shame.
And here we are again, watching another episode of the Sopranos. Mitch is over on the couch clipping his toenails onto the coffee table; I'll have to remember to disinfect it soon.
Tomorrow we're heading to Anoka for his cousin Leah's birthday party. She's turning nine. I remember nine. I was in third grade (at least I think I was), and in Ms. Baker's class. I was selected to go down to the cafeteria once a month and help the lunch people decide what tastes good and what doesn't. I also sang the "Figaro" song frequently.
I noted in my to-do book to watch Pinocchio this weekend when I go home before class starts on the fourteenth. Those old films by Disney always scared me a titch--there was something about the animation.

This episode is getting good.

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