Sunday, January 6, 2008

Butterscotch babes

Mitch has terrible gas. Charles said it smells like diarrhea; I think it smells like baby's green poop.

I got nothing and a lot done today. I researched the National Communication Association's student groups; the student club seems more applicable to Augsburg, given its small size. The price, is, however, more ridiculous than the honors society, Lambda Pi Eta. I also applied for a scholarship: it wasn't tough--just the usual "tell us why you're deserving of this scholarship" mumbo jumbo. I explained the frustration I have with the disregard for middle class students in high standing and the ignoring of their need for financial aid.

We watched The Return of the King (extended edition) after breakfast this morning. I'll admit this: I've never seen the extended version before. It has some good additives; although, I was dismayed that they played up to the original love between Aragorn and Eowyn (she was first planned as Aragorn's marriage interest by J.R. Tolkien). I'm incredibly glad it became Arwen. I find Eowyn to be whiny.

We also watched the CNN reruns of the debates tonight. I love politics. Despite the usual understanding of political discussion as being one that should not be pursued in civilized, respectful, happy conversation, I enjoy it and like to know where my acquaintances stand on societal issues.

I began figuring next semester's work schedule out. I actually have more time to work than necessary, what with five guaranteed hours from Homemade. This gives me much needed medical time with my therapist, whom I still haven't met with yet. Mitch will be taking me. He's so very kind.

It's silly: the longer one sits around, the more tired one becomes.

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