Thursday, January 10, 2008

Burgler of bacon and sport cups

Here I am!

It's been such a neat couple of days. Two days ago, I began the morning with a meeting about studying abroad this summer with a pretty lady named Amy from the Study Abroad office. We ran through the student requirements and such, and then other business about financial aid and what programs I should consider. She tried to be polite about it, but she didn't approve of the program I found, but now that I understand why (it doesn't have a lot of transparency), I'm not upset by my first choice being disregarded. And so, in its place, I have settled for having to pay a lot more money. Of course, nothing is official: I've picked a program I want to try for, and I've found scholarships I would like to get, but I have no idea if I can pay for it all at this point. It's somewhat unsettling, because the Augsburg deadline is February 1st, so I have to figure it all out by then.

After my study abroad meeting, I went over to the Communication Studies office to talk with Kristen (I also helped her take down the office Christmas tree). We discussed politics, our holidays, and other things like speech. She said the whole-private speech lessons sound like a good plan, but I would have to attend at least one meet per semester, which isn't so bad. They run from about three in the afternoon until around nine, which is a long time and does sorta-kinda suck in terms of getting other things done (such as homework, which I want to again, put a large focus on, and meetings), but it will be beneficial to my resume in the end.

Mitch, Charles, and I went to the video store to drop off our rented movies, and I in turn, picked up the third and fourth Inuyasha movies (I watched the third one last night and was truly disappointed), Kimba the White Lion, and Kiki's Delivery Service. I'm contemplating asking Alan if he wants to watch either Kimba or Kiki's with me one of these nights.

I slept at Grandma's that night--I watched the New Hampshire Primary (damn you, Hillary), and then fell asleep around eleven. I woke up at five, when Deb and Grandma get up, but I went back to sleep until nine, so I had a full night's rest. Mom picked me up at eleven that morning and took me to Milaca for my dentist appointment. That went nicely until they found a hole in one of my back teeth! So I got a quick filling (without novacaine, so it hurt just a bit) and was on my way. I then visited with Nelson for about an hour--I wanted to go see Mikla as well, but Nelson kept me too long, so I'll have to visit Mikla another day--and then went to my hair appointment with Kirsten. I love how she does it! She's fantastic.

After all that, I researched scholarships for the rest of the night, until I went to bed and watched that somewhat terrible third Inuyasha movie I mentioned earlier.

Oh, one important thing: I've sold all but one of my fall semester textbooks online, and I've received in payment $126.93 for all of them. I estimate I would have gotten $20 or less if I'd have sold them all back to the bookstore. For example, Mitch and I bought our management books used for about $70. He sold his back to the bookstore and got $8 for it. I sold mine through Amazon and got $28.85.


Look for another entry later tonight about the further-ance of my study abroad/various scholarships search, and possibly a detailed list of why I didn't like Inuyasha: Swords of an Honorable Ruler.

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