Thursday, January 24, 2008

Between Leto and sheep

There was no heat in the office this morning. The power also went out three times, once while I was taking a quiz for Interpersonal Comm. Luckily, Moodle let me continue the quiz once the power came back on.
The quiz was about an article Kristen posted that discussed various experiences of different people in regard to profiles on Facebook and Myspace. It detailed accounts of information that shouldn't have been public but became such, and so on. I actually deleted my Myspace account a few days ago; it was full of spam, and I didn't feel as if I needed it anymore-not having used it in a year or so. I still like the names I picked for it: Leda Sophia, Emerald Eva (although I wouldn't give that to a child). Words can be poetry.
After Effective Writing, we had the opportunity to discuss our rough introductions with Colin. He liked mine, but offered advice for making it better. I didn't take all the notes on what he said as I should have, but I took enough to significantly alter the final rough intro. Our first complete draft is due Tuesday, so I have all of Saturday and Sunday to complete it.
Liberating Letters is always so much fun! We talked about dragons today; there is such a rich history behind symbols like the dragon. My favorite revelation of today's class period was that many scholars believe the reason Judeo-Christian tradition adopted the dragon (serpent, snake) as its "bad" deity is that during (roughly) O.T. times, the Israelites wandered the East. This is not contested news. However, despite the apparent niceness of this term, their wanderings were more or less conquests: they would arrive in a region or city on their way to Canaan and demand by force--by the sheer number of them--to be given refuge, food, etc. Once each area was conquered, the Israelites would see to it that the native religions of those regions were suppressed--and what better way to do so than to claim the deities of those religion are false and evil? It just so happened that many of the places the Israelites conquered worshipped the serpent/dragon/snake. And so, the Judeo-Christian tradition evolved with a disrespect toward said creature.
Isn't that incredibly interesting? I thought so.

Mitch has more meetings tonight and I have more homework: reading. He made tacos earlier, but I can tell even now that he's going to have a tummy-ache later. We plan on looking up a way to make hamburger without getting all its liquid fat mixed in.

I have only to work for an hour and a half tomorrow in order to complete my twenty-hour-workweek. This makes me happy.
I do, however, somewhat regrettably, have a Small Group Comm. meeting. I think we'll be discussing our teaching project, and maybe our activism project, but I hope the meeting goes by fast so I can get some more work in before badminton.
Oh! I also have do to circuit training in Foundations of Fitness tomorrow. I opted it out of it last class--I worked with my beloved elliptical, but the professor is making everybody do circuit training at least one day.

I can't wait to read more of The Odyssey tonight. I'll be starting right after Odysseus leaves Hades.

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