Thursday, January 17, 2008

Beautifly wears black polish, Fortune and I

I didn't get much sleep today either! I was groggy all day, and I could tell it affected my ability to concentrate and to understand simple concepts. Tonight, I'll force Mitch and myself to go to bed on time!
I cleaned the Comm. office today. Wes gave me some cleaner and paper towels he had, and I wiped down all the counters, the fridge, and the table over by the couch. Everything was filthy! But now it's fine--I just have to remember to keep up on it.
I'm incredibly excited for Foundations of Fitness and badminton, especially. We don't start working out in Foundations until Friday but we started playing in badminton, and I love my partner! I don't know his name, I'll admit that much, but he is such a sweet-heart; I can tell. He's also good at badminton, which is a large plus. I have to work on my serve--I'm not very good at that. But I relay like a monster. Watch out, Beau!

Erin sent me an email saying she would pledge for my no-shaving-of-the-legs. She's my first one! I'm incredibly happy. She mentioned she's going to Thailand this spring, so I said all the Honors girls studying abroad in the next year should have a movie night in the suite--we'd watch famous movies from our host countries, maybe play games, etc. I think it would be a fun time.

Kristen told us we won't have class on Fridays starting next week--she wants to allow us time to meet with our groups during the main part of the day (for commuters, meeting at night is sort of a bother). Mitch said he doesn't like that idea, but he's just jealous.

I got all my homework done on time tonight; I washed the dishes and cleaned the dorm. Spick and span, once again. I already feel better. Cleaner houses make happier people, after all. It means less unconcious stress. I even had time to read the rest of my new issue of EGM (Super Smash Bros. Brawl!).

Lately I've begun to notice societies, organizations, and classes that promote science as the root answer and method to answers for all our questions. I think that's ninteenth century thinking. Modern Western science as we now know it, is largely an old white male construction. And I'm sure you've heard that phrase more times than you care to, even if you agree with me, but there is no better phrase to use in this situation--even if it's partly honest. Science and religion have the same goals: to find the one Truth that will answer all the ambiguous questions we have found; simply, their paths are different.

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