Thursday, January 3, 2008

Baka make it chocolate

Kumo! Kumo kumo kumo kumo. That means spider. I learned my new word by watching The Mystery of the New Moon and the Black Haired Inuyasha with subtitles. The constant repetition of the word "spider" (Spider Heads, the main villain) prompted me to look it up in my dictionary, and there was "kumo!" Hoorah.
I slept in today. Well actually, I woke up at around six this morning with an intense back and throat ache. I hoped that it would go away on its own and laid in bed for about an hour, until I got sick of doing thus, got up, and took three ibuprofren. I then fell asleep again until eleven, when Mitch called to have me mail something for him and Charles. I went to work then, and learned that Sheboygan and Hannah had come into the office yesterday for a visit! What a bummer, that I wasn't there! Apparently they met with Sam, and he said she seemed like she enjoyed her tour, etc. Sam said she's also interested in Concordia and Hamline. Well, those are both respectable colleges but, of course, Augsburg offers an experience unlike that either of those colleges can.
In addition to the Inuyasha episode, I also watched the New Years Dream episode of Azumanga Daioh. Just in case you haven't seen it, and are a fan of kooky, unrelated sequences of hilarity, you should.
I also extensively searched for study-abroad scholarships. I found a few that look promising. One scholarship that appeared a sure deal had its due date about a month ago. But that's all right. There are others. I'm not sure if I'll be going this year or not. I received a reply email from someone from the Augsburg Study Abroad office; she, Amy, offered to meet with me sometime over winter break. I sent her another email saying I could meet before the ninth, which is when I go home, so I'll have to see what she replies back.

My cold has progressed so much!

I watched the CNN coverage of the Iowa caucuses tonight. Mike Huckabee won for the Republicans, and....OBAMA WON FOR THE DEMOCRATS! WOOOOOOO!!!!!!
Barack is such a neat, fantastic person. The statistics surrounding his support is really interesting. Most of his supporters are those aged 17-29 (or something to that effect); whereas Hillary's main (democratic) supporters are late middle to senior aged. So, what does that mean? It means that if young adults get out there and vote, we won't be stuck with a President that seeks only to cater to the stereotypically senior citizen issues of society (high funding for military and the war, low funding for education) like so many before.
On another hand, Mike Huckabee frightens me. I am desperate to not let him win the Republican nomination. He is mostly supported by Evangelical Christians. He is once quoted saying "We need to take America back for Christianity."
Yes, all America, the "land of freedom," needs is to take away the civil freedoms of those who fundamental Christians disagree with.
That's actually ridiculous, and highly contradictory, of course.
I encourage you to check Obama's website out. He is really for employing the efforts of those who wish to make an impact but don't have the political or corporate power or funds (such as encouraging people to donate even small amounts, $1 to $5, etc.).

In a different subject, I strongly desire to see The Devil's Backbone, another film by Pan's Labyrinth director Guillermo del Toro.

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