Sunday, December 23, 2007

Tyche's tykes may be terrible for some

I just got back from the Cronin's, and yes, I ate far too many unhealthy snacks while I was there.
Back up.
This morning was interesting. I found out my relational dealings are not, indeed, the norm here in good Christian Milaca, MN; thus, I was crabby for a good portion of the day. I went over to Mitchell's (he made me spaghetti for lunch), and then we cuddled for a bit while Sherie built a fire and played Wii Play. I then had Sherie take me home so I could play Twilight Princess; which I did, but not before going to the floral depot with Sherie; I wanted to get Mom some sort of Christmas flower (a red carnation?), but the only flowers on display were groupings, priced on average at ten dollars. Bummer. So anyway, I played Twilight Princess: I fiddled around with the double clawshot (the item gained during Celestia: the City in the Sky): around Hyrule Field--Kakariko Gorge, in the Lanayru Spring, and somewhere else I can't remember currently but may as I keep typing. I also attempted the Cave of Ordeals, but chickened out after the twentieth room. I'm not sure why I left; I had four bottles of health-improvers (Great Fairy Tears, Gold Chu Jelly), but I opted to leave the cave. Now if I want to finish the caves, I have to start from the beginning. I'm slightly disappointed in myself.
I've noticed that Twilight Princess seems to incorporate some very Shadow of the Colossus-esque facets: Argarok was entirely reminiscent of any Colossi battle (climb up something textured, stab the beast in the back). I guess that's the only example I can think of right now.
Additionally, I paged through two scrapbooks; there are definitely pages I don't remember making (considering, I believe at least two to four of them were created specifically in time for my graduation party). So it's neat to go back through, even a few months after heading off to college.
It's strange. Part of me believed I would remember a lot of things, but I haven't.
I then went over to the Cronin's, read Fortune, finally played Battle of the Sexes (it's very fun; we played three rounds!), ate bars, drank two cans of cream soda (I need to get ahold of myself again), played Scene It (I'm positively awful), and essentially did little more than lay around, laughing at clever jokes I still believe I'm personally incapable of making.
Driving during the winter this year has been nothing short of ridiculously dreadful: it seem that the plowers here think a good plow job is one that takes off the top layer of fresh snow. WRONG. If nothing else, that layer of snow provides traction; when it's taken off, but the gunk isn't scraped off the top of the road, cars are more likely to get fishtail because their tires are experiencing sort of dual terrains. I liken it to driving a four wheeler. When you're driving in, say, all mud for a while, and then suddenly your tires catch a large patch or dirt; or, wait, no--this example is better: say you're driving on a tar road. Everything is hunky dorey. All of a sudden, your tires catch the dirt shoulder! I suppose since four wheelers are, in my opinion, easier machines than cars, the deeply tractioned tired would save you, but in an old luxury car, I have no
Tomorrow is Christmas at Grandma and Grandpa Gadacz's. Hooray! It will be Mitch's first time at a Gadacz event; he has, of course, been to events with them present (graduation party, birthdays, other holidays), but never a Christmas AT the farm. So it will be a new experience for him. He then has a dinner with his family, the Cronin's, and another family who moved to Arizona and is presently up visiting. I haven't decided if I'll go or not.

Since the issue of sexual morality, marriage, and inherent morality in general have been the base reasons behind my crabbiness all day, I'll ask questions related to these topics.
What is sexual morality? Where did it begin? Are the origins really as old as you believe? Can you think of anywhere in the Bible (my main, er, focus today) that actually states sleeping--the actual process--with someone who is not your husband or wife is immoral? Does "moral" even exist?
What is marriage? Is it really a "union consecrated by God," or is it just another traditional ceremony that may not last forever?
That's my inclination: I do not believe, in any way or form, that marriage is the all-deciding factor of the healthiness of a relationship. Because, that--healthiness--is the basis for my decisions and leanings and NOT the opinion of the church or any other mass body of rules or leanings.
I do not believe that in order for Mitch and I to be "moral," we have to be married under God. Nor (and this is my favorite part) do I believe that we have to be married at all. We will be married, so we can financially reap the benefits of the, essentially, contract, but we are not getting married to preserve our "morality" or self opinion. I think marriage is (and I hope will eventually become in society) a frivolity of mass public trends and opinions.
Such as engagement rings. Since when were physical gifts needed to determine whether someone was engaged or not? I'm not, in most part, condemning myself and Mitch, but if I wasn't wearing a ring, would you still believe we were engaged? What's your REAL answer to that question?

I'll quit now.

Ernie's in his bed, on my bed, but he got a head start on sleeping.

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