Thursday, December 13, 2007

Turquoise teacracks toiling away (sweatshop)

It's almost Friday!
And hoorah.
Except guess what I get to do this weekend? Well, Saturday will be neat. Grandma's having Mitch and I over to spend time with Alicia and her family; oh my, I haven't seen her in years. I wonder what she looks like? Then, we're heading over (somewhere) to (some kind) of concert. I think it's one of Kristi's, but I could be wrong.
I talked to Jonathan tonight and it was thrilling. That man is such a deep thinker; he's a blast to converse with. When he's not ignoring me.
The Admissions Office holiday party was today! There was so much food, I thought I was going to explode just thinking about it! There were platters filled with everything you could dream of, delicious warm dishes (corn chowder soup, Sloppy Brendas), oodles of soda (I had none; give me water and I'm happy), and mounds of fantastic desserts. And basically everything was homemade. Oh, how I miss having food like that every day. Work was pleasing; Mary hugged me when I told her I'd be staying an hour longer. It's especially nice, because I was supposed to work for another hour, so why wouldn't I? Maybe during another time of the year, but gathering money to pay for my holiday gifts is very crucial to me (in addition to having money for textbooks).
Whoever lives above us has been having either a lot of fun or a lot of scary times. I always hear them running from end to end. They were silent the rest of the semester, I wonder what they're doing now.
I cleaned tonight! It was easy to do, with no scolding men around to bother me. Whenever I clean, Mitchell says I'm doing too much. It's nothing, really. I like to live in a relatively clean place, and it's much healthier being clean. Healthier for me and Mitch.
I have boogers again! I've found the more I pick boogers the more I have. It's a weird dilemma. But it's not novel; I'm sure more people experience the issue than me.
I have my iTunes on shuffle, and I've heard a few Lord of the Rings tracks. Which is neat, because I have listened to the discs in ages. Years, probably. I listened to The Fellowship of the Ring a lot back in ninth grade because that's when it came out. Or did it? It may have come out earlier, I just hadn't read the books/seen the movies until then. I usually check logistical issues like this before I mention them in No, I Am a Cat, but I'm extremely sick of looking things up for tonight.
I really believe my Scholar Citizen essay is the type of piece Crockett's looking for. I'm going to his office to find out tomorrow. Wish me luck! (Good luck doesn't hurt, even if it is a superstition).
I can't wait to have pets. Mainly to name them.
I have Sadie and Bunny, of course, but they're back home. I wish I could bring Sadie here! She would be such a good girl; she's smart and calm so she wouldn't destroy the room or bark at people. And I bet she'd re-pick up house training again (I'm pretty sure she used to be a house dog). Besides, both our big dogs are trained to go potty in the woods and not in the yard. It wouldn't be that different in an indoor setting. Maybe for Boris. He's smart but pretends he's an idiot.
I put my Management textbook up on Amazon today; the class is done! We did an exercise today that involves handling and implementing change. My group's scenario was something like this: 10 out of 18 of your employees die in Hurricane Katrina. At one point, Magda said "Your downsizing was done for you!" The dark hilarity.
It is way past my bedtime. I was working on essays all evening. Tomorrow the Naked Bears (my Communications group) works on a final FINAL copy. We're going to highlight all the things we like from each person's individual final and then Shannon's going to edit all together this weekend.
Depeche Mode? Where the heck did they go? I wish Drive 105 was still Drive 105 and not Love 105 (who does that?)
Only about a week until I get to go home and see the gang!

I keep waiting for Lily to deposit...^.^

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Alan said...

I have a ton of Depeche Mode. They will live on within me.