Monday, December 10, 2007

Tree balls in red

Atama ga itai! (I have a headache).
I can feel it in my neck; every time I look down my neck seizes up. Yuck. Maybe Mitch will give me a small massage before bed (I did give him one the other night, but we don't like the "owe me" system; we just like to do things for each other).
Finally the Management test is tomorrow. Moodle lists an assignment due tomorrow, but it's provided we read chapter seventeen, which I'm sure we didn't need to as she gave us the weekend to study, so I didn't do it. I emailed her just in case she got it before I went to bed so I could cram something in, but I anticipate not needing it. I do, however, have to study again before I hit the sack; I did for about an hour earlier, but I like to look over my notes and such before I go to sleep because then I dream about the words and they're sort of ingrained in my mind when I wake up. Or at least that's how it was for the last tests.
I drank some green tea (excellent for you) and took two ibuprofen tablets, but nothing yet.
Our theater lab pizza party was tonight: we ate Pizza Luce and watched the DVD of our time together, including all the silly theater games we played way back in the beginning of the semester when we were all still semi-awkward. In addition, we all got a copy of the video, which is neat: now I can show my Mom my performance! I'm also bringing her the copy of our program, although I'll probably end up scrapbooking it.
I can't say how excited I am to find out my final grades in my courses. I suspect Quanbeck's grades won't come in until next semester. :)
We've watched Triumph of the Will in Religion for the last two class periods; we haven't finished it, and I'd like to watch it all, but I'm not sure if Netflix carries it...they should! How silly and frightened they would be if it wasn't available. If you haven't heard of Triumph of the Will, it's a very well made propaganda/"documentary" about Nazi Germany (before the Nazis started killing everybody).
Also, just so everyone knows, the quote "I don't think people appreciate Hitler enough," is courtesy of me. Colin and I were talking about Mr. Adolf after the last Religion class. Hitler is such an interesting person to study: he did really mean things (I won't say if they were right or wrong, because I believe that one, true, same moral law does not exist inside all people...the things Hitler did were right and correct to Hitler); anyway, he did really mean things, but think: he was so charismatic, so able to draw people to his person both intellectually and physically that he convinced a load of Germans (and others, including Americans) that killing all the non-Aryans was the most useful thing to do to improve the state of the world. If he can convince all those people, why couldn't it happen again? Maybe in America? Is it happening now, to some extent?
And don't get all "I can't believe she's being so nice to Hitler" on me.
No, I Am a Cat seeks to present interesting questions that readers may not otherwise ask.
I miss having pet rats. They're such great pets; they love to cuddle and hug, and they know voices and names and are extremely smart. I always snuggled with Ashley.
I think I'll look for a rat stuffie. Yeah! That's what I'll do.
I wonder if I'm getting Harry Potter from someone for Christmas. I'm not sure...I know for sure Mom ordered something from Forever 21, because she told me the shipping was free. Hoorah!
I worked on some Communication tonight; I got some more extra credit done (I highlighted the next chapter in the book); I also did the second essay question for the exam.
So I presented my essay concept to Crockett today; he said it would work. I'm using this method: Western philosophy can be characterized or personified by the American tradition of individualism and placing an emphasis on medical discovery (especially currently); Non-Western philosophy, for the purposes of my essay, will be personified by Japan (collectivism culture). My argument is that because the definition of effectiveness is always changing (40 years ago, polio...or some other disease was still a real issue. Then it was eradicated from the U.S. And then what, for the scientists that devoted their lives to a cure they would end up not finding?) They would no longer be the effective citizens in society; and thus, if a society is based on people like those scientists, the culture as a whole is not the correct or more useful way to approach being an effective citizen. Likewise, all those scientists studying cancer today may be out of work (figuratively) in ten years. And then what? Perhaps all those studying entertainment over in Japan will be the most effective, because good entertainment will be viewed as the greatest health benefit. I plan on using a lot of historical and scientific basis, but Crockett said it should work.
Mitch found Triumph on the Will on Netflix. Too bad he won't rent anything for me because he wants to see all eight seasons of the Sopranos in succession.
I'm going to brush my teeth, etc. and study management and then get a massage. Yes.

Mary said I could work while Mitch takes his finals!

Three red reindeer and fishes.

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