Monday, December 24, 2007

Tock and toe, happiness to those

As far as I know now, I never want to be ungrateful.
This Christmas was extremely bountiful. I now have five families and they were all very, very kind to me. I appreciate every material and immaterial gift with all my heart.
Christmas has nearly come and go; tomorrow being Christmas Day, only twenty four hours remain of the craze. Of course, one might say Christmas lasts until New Years, but I think that's silly. It's the attempt to stretch out a specific holiday: why not just call the whole time period "the holidays?" Wouldn't that be simpler? And while you're at it, throw in some Saturnalia traditions. :)
Ernie is snoring. I hope he had a good Christmas too; and all the other animals. And everyone.
It's one of those moments when I wish I could make a giant umbrella to gather all people under and protect them from the atrocities and disappointments of life.
Oop, he must have woken himself up.
Mitch and I had two dinners today: one at Mom's and one at Trisha and Mike's. Both were delicious.
Tomorrow is the Billings' family meeting; I'm heading to Mitch's at noon to open my stocking (even more kindness, it seems to never end), and then over to Ele's at one.
Mitch finally opened his copy of Super Mario Galaxy from my parents and played it for a tiny bit tonight; it looks fantastic. It's almost dizzying!
Also tomorrow, Mitch and I head back down to Augsburg to start work on Wednesday. I forgot to go grocery shopping with Mom, but it's fine, since I'm coming back to Milaca for New Year's (this weekend). Then I don't have to wait long before coming up a third time--when Mitch goes to Chicago the week before spring semester starts.
It's strange how the month-long-break flies by.
I said in my last entry that I might discuss Hitler: I will have to disappoint for now. I've had so many fulfilling things happen today (great food, loving family and friends) that it's making me want to fall asleep as soon as possible and let everything soak in.
And I know: LAME; I'm making an excuse, but keep reminding me! I'll get to Hitler soon enough.

Instead of a controversial or innovative issue, I'll instead leave you with this: if you're feeling stagnant during the holidays, create a new tradition: maybe begin a fund--$5 out of every paycheck or so--that goes to next year's Toys For Tots; or maybe send a card or invite over for dinner someone that doesn't really have anybody to enjoy things with.

There are so many reasons to be grateful!

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