Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Thermopylae and Thessaly can't be tamed

Here I am, back in Mitch's room.
Today I went over to his house to open my stocking (candy, toothpaste, kitty-shoe-decorations), and then we traveled the short distance to Ele's. It was a nice day: I had ham, green bean casserole, cheesy potatoes, seven up, and later some wine. I also received more presents, but I was for sure not expecting any of them!
Afterward, Mitch and I packed, visited Alan (I can't wait to spend quality time with him this weekend), and then headed back down to Augsburg. We only had to make two trips upstairs; winter break at college is so empty and sort of mysterious.
One of the presents I got was a game that, as far as I can tell, consists of naming a general term, and then naming various words that contain that term. For example, if the general term is "ball," and I give you this clue:" you eat it with spaghetti." What, then, would be the answer? Meatball, of course.
I smell mildly gross. Also, I'm wearing the jammies Aimee got me! Oh! I don't think I mentioned this: I got jammies with feet! They're full-length, pink, with penguins, and have grippies on the bottom. They are also extremely comfortable.
Mitch got Super Mario Galaxy from my parents; it's fantastic. I can't wait until he gets done so I can play it. The worlds look expansive enough (for a Mario game) that I would be entertained, and the cuteness of the game is enough to draw me in. I'm interested in some day acquiring Okami, but preferably not until it comes down in price (it really should soon, eh?).
He's playing Guitar Hero III for the Wii; the graphics are positively hideous. The drummer's hands move like those of an ape, and the singer's jaw is robotic in a freaky sort of way.
I put away as much as I felt like once we got everything brought in from outside; I put the food Mom sent back with me (ham, gelatin, and potatoes) in the fridge, I put my DVDs in a convenient place, and I unpacked my clothes.
We both wore our new sweaters today. His is brown and looks fantastic on him; mine is grey/black and sort of Norwegian. I got it from Mom and Bob.

So onto Hitler.
Were his deeds truly horrible? To what extent? What may they be compared to? Disclaimer: I am in no manner attempting to appear anti-anything or pro-anything else, because I believe in equal understanding and care for all--however--as I stated two entries ago, what Hitler did was "right" to him.
Which brings up the larger question: what is right? Is there a right, or do we simply assume that everyone has the same conceptions of correctness as we do? Is teasing the gay man from your math class any better than what Hitler did? Do you truly think that just because your actions are on a smaller scale it makes them any different? Does a victim "deserve" it in some way?
I find that extremely incredulous: that somebody can "deserve" punishment or prejudice from you. Who are you to decide A) the standards that everyone should adhere to, and B) the action to take against someone who doesn't fit those standards?

The Future of Management! I started tonight.
And the Intellectual Devotional. Today was the alphabet. You may attribute the English language to the Phoenicians.

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