Saturday, December 8, 2007

The raccoon is Ringo

Bee dee dee dee.
So these last couple days have been all over the place, just so you know. We didn't end up having the Management test because nobody (but me) wanted to take it. They said they needed more time to study. I, on the other hand, wanted to take it on time because I was a good girl and allotted hours out of my busy schedule (it's not like everybody but me had things to do) and studied. So in an effort to pacify the class and have us all agree, she offered me ten extra credit points on my test and we could all leave class Thursday at about 9:40. I took the offer: ten extra points will be a nice cushion. I still remain mildly upset since this means I have one more thing to do tomorrow besides my Communication essay, Scholar Citizen essay, and Communication meeting at four P.M.
Oh well. :)
Botha botha botha!
Mitch and I visited Grandma today; it was so nice. We had tea and some peppermint chip things. We talked about random things like dancing and heritage. Grandma had a cold so we didn't hug, but that's ok. I used to hate hugging my grandma. Now I don't mind it so much, but I still hate hugging other people. Especially new people. I don't like touches.
Mitch is ok. We like to fall asleep holding onto each other. Even it's just a piece of the other's body, like a leg or a finger: it's so relaxing and secure.
I mindlessly surfed the web for an hour before I started this. I looked at pictures of Doberman Pinschers. I think they're neat dogs; also, I once had a Doberman TY beanie baby named Doby. So guess what I found:
Go to that and instead of "current," select "retired." Try and see how many babies you recognize. By name or by sight. It's neat.
Mitch and I went to Ridgedale after Grandma's. I finished Christmas shopping! Except something for Ryan. I can't forget to email Aimee to see what he wants.
I brought my headboard light over to Mitch's dorm. He hates when it's on (he says it gives him a headache), so I just use it when he's gone; it's really nice to have for when I want to do homework/type on the bed. I prefer good lighting so my eyes don't have to strain as hard to read things.
Since I went to Grandma's I got to pick up the boots and tree-decorations Mom sent with Bob. I'm so happy: dry feet at last! Also, they're nonfashionable boots, but I don't care. Mitch made fun of them, but it doesn't matter. I don't wear my boots to be trendy. I wear them to have dry and warm socks.
I worked twelve hours and fifteen minutes last week. Can you believe it? Speaking of can you believe it, I finally spent a good hour on Homestarrunner again. I'd forgotten how much I love that website. Anybody who hasn't checked it out, and has a sense of humor similar to mine (stuff that doesn't make sense is hilarious to me), should definitely give it a try. I re-listened to "Different Town," which is my favorite Homestarrunner song. Especially the ending (I used to sing it all the time back in tenth grade), but I'm slowly learning the rest. Oh no! Now that I'm on a nostalgia run, I might as well go to YouTube and watch Charlie the Unicorn. "It's a leopleurodon, Charlie!" "A magical bridge of hope and wonder!"
I adore the holidays. I don't wish that they happened all the time, because then there would be no novelty. But it's fun to be festive. I say, make the most out of whatever holiday you choose. It makes the season so much more easy to cope with. And I don't mean that in a "you need to cope way," but it's always nice to have something warm feeling to look forward to.
Do you think there is one Truth? If so, why do you think it, and how can somebody get to that Truth? Can somebody get to that Truth? If not, why do you think it, and what can we do in place of searching for that Truth? Do you believe that there are instead many truths created by all people and that all of these truths are correct in their individual ways?
Have you thought about this distinction?: Having utility is not the same as being correct, if correct even exists.
I plan on typing up all the cool things Crockett has said or I've thought about during Scholar Citizen and posting them to No, I Am a Cat. It'll have to wait until the end of the semester, though, since finals and work are going to rule my life for the next two weeks.
Oh, guess what? I talked to Mom tonight about Japanese classes during the summer, and it's becoming more and more of a possibility.
That's possibility, and not decision-made, don't forget. There are many factors to consider.

I also had a cat. What was her name?

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