Thursday, December 27, 2007

Partridges and popcorn a-plenty

I worked with two other people today: Marissa and another person (I don't know his name). It was lonely but peaceful. I listened to the Twilight Princess OST, did some online shopping (but only a little bit! Don't tell Mary!), recorded some mail pieces, some apps, and some yellow-folder sheets. It was sort of my Tuesday, which is my nearly always my least productive day of the week. I had chicken ramen and leftover gelatin for lunch; it was yummy! I also started my water-drinking again; how I had missed it! I've noticed my skin looks much healthier when I drink as much water as I like to.
After work, Mitch and I went to Rosedale to pick up his iPod (touch!) from Best Buy: he had it on in-store pickup to avoid the otherwise mass hysteria. After Best Buy we ate dinner at Applebees (his treat); I had some sort of burger that I didn't enjoy very much, but the fries and cherry Pepsi with grenadine were fantastic. Next we went back to Best Buy: Mitch had opened his iPod case box only to find it empty. So he got another (free, of course), and then--finally--we went to Target! I got two pairs of tights and a pair of boots. I've successfully convinced Mitch to stop calling them hooker boots--he's now evolved to "sexy" boots.
It was a fairly lazy night once we got back to campus: I read the next two chapters in The Future of Management and then researched stocks. I still haven't found one I want to invest in; by the end of my search for the night, I'd settled on choosing a Chinese airline, but that bottomed out when I couldn't find one under twelve dollars. Maybe I'll email a professor from the finance department or something. I'm not sure if he or she would appreciate me asking for free advice, but I suppose I don't know what else to do and it's worth a shot.
The other three options I have for my remaining holiday money are: 1) buying a membership at the Association for Business Communication, 2) putting it in my GMCU account to be used for studying abroad, or 3) putting it in Mitch's savings for our wedding.

What is your take on the arguments "pro-life" and "pro-choice?"
I don't believe those phrases are even satisfactorily descriptive of all viewpoints that may be encompassed in the issue of abortion. For example, a "pro-choice" advocate surely does not wish for all young to be killed. That is a primitive and ignorant stereotype. On the other hand, a "pro-life" advocate would not want all mothers in difficult labor to simply hand over their lives for their offspring. There ARE grey areas, and I despise the ridiculous billboards I see periodically that proclaim there aren't grey areas. Of course there are! How incredulous, uncomprehensive, and unknowing to say none exist!

I'm almost done with Twilight Princess; I have to perhaps find a few more hearts and then I'm off to the Twilight Realm to face Zant!

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