Friday, December 21, 2007

Mester Markups, shoot the moon a little

Maggie has been squeaking her hamburger for a half hour. When will she tire? Nobody knows.
My fingers are freezing: a) I went downstairs, and b) I took the wet clothes out of the washing machine. Ernie, of course, followed me. I've been extra nice to him since I got home and, thus, he's been following me everywhere. I like it. Ernie rarely follows anyone, unless he's hungry and his food bowl is empty.
Aimee's graduation was yesterday! How exciting! I'm happy she's doing something she likes.
When we got back (it was in Ridgedale), the gang met up at the Cronin's and we enjoyed Halo, baked goods, and nice talk.
Ernie finally came back upstairs; except, he's not totally out of the stairwell--he's sitting on the top step giving me a fairly creepy stare.
I finally finished Christmas shopping today! I went over to Unclaimed Freight (and eventually the grocery store) to get the rest of the pets' gifts: I got Ernie a white bowl in the shape of a cat with fishes on the side, some treats, and some jangly toys; Boris and Sadie got some rawhides, a rope toy, and a big bag of treats; Maggie got a leash, puppy bones, and a tug-o-war toy; Bunny got a canister of assorted treat-foods. Getting gifts for the pets makes me happy. Oh, I also picked out some treats for Spanky (from Mitch); they're the same kind as I got Boris and Sadie. They were past their due date and were only $1.50, but they're only a few days old so they should still be good. I guess I'll find out when I give the dogs their first couple pieces.
GUESS WHAT I DID: solved my first (six) sudoku puzzles! Hurrah! I tried failingly to complete even one the past two years, and finally I did. I don't know if I like them more than crossword puzzles; on one hand, they're easier to complete (relatively), but on the other hand, I'm not really learning new words by completing them.
We ate at the Drive In today, of course. I saw Addie, Brooke, and Maggie there. How neat! I had a cup of wild rice soup and a root beer. Then we went over to Tony's and played the Wii (Mario Party, Wii Sports). I technically didn't play Mario Party; I read Fortune instead.
I finished Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde yesterday. And today I read The Isle of Voices (witchcraft) and Thrawn Janet (demonic possession), both also by Robert Louis Stevenson. I still have to read the Body Snatchers...and there's a couple more in the book (it's a collection of some of his scarier tales).
It's slightly strange not having any homework to do. I feel like I should be doing some; there was rarely a night when I didn't last semester; I worked my butt off! I sincerely hope I reap good rewards.
I'm not sure, but I think Bob took the living room TV. A shame! I was planning on playing Zelda; I'm in Celestia, the City in the Sky (home of the Oocca) .
I haven't been entirely convinced that I like M. C. Escher's work; it seems silly to me. Unclassical, which is probably my main reason for this distaste; but I am fascinated by "Another World," which pictures Oocca-esque creatures apparently in space. Or something with space (as we think we know of it, anyway) like figures.
I found a copy of the Florentiner on the U.S. Navy website. I am at last complete in the area of marches. Or at least as far as I can recall, Florentiner was my only true desperate march-love. If you haven't heard the Florentiner, I suggest you do. I take it as a mix of carnival and awesomeness.
Still no more grades. When can I expect them? Probably not until the 28th, for Quanbeck (the 28th is when grades are due).
We had red steak, broccoli with cheese, grapes, potato-fries, and egg nog for dinner tonight. Glorious!
I got Ace his Christmas card; I plan to send it tomorrow, but don't have much hope for it getting to his house on time. I included a "Happy Saturnalia" inside.
Mitch, Tony, Eric, and Brian went to see a movie tonight. I decided to spend the night here; preferably playing Twilight Princess and reading. And re-downloading my Starfox CD onto my computer. Oh, and the Perfect Dark CD as well.

What's your take on the mass scanning of books (that is, the movement to put books into electronic databases)? I've found myself detesting the idea, unable to believe that even without books, literacy will still continually rise. And then I become angry with myself that I even considered something so primitive. Books haven't been around for all human history either. Before books were scrolls; before scrolls were wall-paintings; before that, nothing. So it's no big deal, really. I do wonder what will happen though.
I also imagine a Fahrenheit 451-esque world, but that's hopefully even sillier.

Alan, come home soon!
Additionally, Lily, how about that deposit?

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Alan said...

I am now officially home... Coon Rapids home.

The E-Book and E-Paper will soon be the proffered medium for written material as populations increase and deforestation continues. It won't be economically viable to use paper in the frequency that it is currently used. We are fast approaching the point where electronic paper will be cheaper than regular paper. They talk about it a lot on the podcast I listen to. This Week in Tech(TWiT).