Friday, December 14, 2007

Kittens don't wear mittens in the cold weather

We're watching the Sopranos!
Also, we opened presents. Mitch went out on an ASAC venture, and when he got back, he said we'd open presents tonight. So he poured some egg nog, I slipped into my nighty (complete with leggings and big socks) and we got a-openin'! We started with the stockings and then progressed to the big presents. I love all the things I got! And I'm happy to see Mitch has already started on the candy I put in his stocking.
I watched the InuYasha movie again tonight; the first one. First I worked on the religion final: Quanbeck gave us a study sheet, and one of the questions he told us to do at home (a one-to-two page essay on one of the books we read during the semester, The Bridge of San Luis Rey exluded); I got that done and then started the cheat-sheet he's allowing us to have.
Ooh, this is a dark Sopranos episode. I mean, there are some dark episodes, and then there are dark episodes; this is one of those.
I turned in my Scholar Citizen essay today! I first brought my rough-final draft into him to get checked over, he provided feedback, and then I went to fix the things he mentioned. I hope I fixed them well enough to get a nice GPA.
Every episode of this show is like a great movie. The cinematography is always beautiful and the music is so creepily relevant.
I dedicated the snowman picture I colored during the QSU holiday party to Mitchell: I taped it up on his wall above his computer.
I have just two finals and a few days of work (which will be fun, because I need all the money I can get; oi, being a poor college student during the holidays) and then we get to go home and eat lots of homemade, fattening foods.
I'm going to sell the rest of my textbooks on Amazon; at the bookstore, I'm only guaranteed half at the most--on Amazon, I'm guaranteed at least half. I'm all about saving money. When I go back up north, I can't forget to put my other items back up online (Negima!, Soultaker...)
Mitch is checking the suicide rate in Seattle. I remember reading in my last year's psychology book that while most people assume the highest rates of suicide take place during the winter, but the highest are actually in the spring. I don't remember why, though.
Suicide is an interesting subject. Have you ever known someone who's committed suicide? What did you feel after you found out? What do you think happens to those who commit suicide?
Mitch and I are sitting on our computers and I hate it. So here I go.

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