Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Key.Feathers.Donald the duck.

The management test wasn't so bad. There were, of course, a few questions that I was iffy on, including one essay question: it was the one about employee maturity. I knew how to answer the question, but I couldn't remember what the third managing tactic for dealing with employees who are able but unwilling was. So I bs-ed. It should be fine, especially with those ten extra credit points she gave me for finally complying with everyone's wishes about moving the test to today instead of last Thursday.
I've been doing homework all night! I got my whole Scholar Citizen rough draft done, though, which is exciting. I'm going to meet with Crockett in his office at some point tomorrow. I want him to criticize my essay so much that if I fix all the things he mentions, I have to get a 4.0! I also got another Communications essay question done and the rest of the Communications extra credit. Hoorah.
The QSU holiday party was tonight; I had delicious chip with yummy cheese dip and cookies. Oh, and cider! The Communications holiday party is tomorrow. I can't forget to wash something holiday-looking before I go to bed: I can't pass up easy extra credit like that!
Mitch made me mashed potatoes for dinner tonight. We had egg nog with them; it made me happy.
He takes very good care to make sure I get fed.
So what do you think the future of television is? Do you think it has a future? What do you think the next big technological breakthrough will be? (Think radio, TV, home-video entertainment...) Where do you think the internet is going? Will companies gain larger control into what goes into the internet?
I listened to Frank Sinatra radio on Pandora all day today at work. I got so much done: nearly the whole yellow folder. I did miss an activity-transcript though.
I don't have Communications tomorrow since we have an exam. Nor do I have voice lessons: Susan gets to sing at Orchestra Hall...
I found some interesting things on Time.com; this one is my favorite:
Neat, huh?
I colored another holiday picture (a snowman) tonight at the QSU party, and I plan on hanging it somewhere around the dorm. Mitch likes my coloring.
He's getting impatient to go to bed.

Get a sunshine buddy and tell me how you like it.

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