Sunday, December 23, 2007

Give bruno a head-banger and shake

I ate so much food today; and I plan to do the same tomorrow: especially since Mom made the pink Styrofoam cookies. Apparently they're made out of meringue. For all purposes, Cherish, Aimee, and I know them as the pink Styrofoam cookies.
Grandma and Grandpa's went pretty well; nothing really unpleasant or awkward happened (it seems you learn to expect awkward moments at family gatherings, no?). Again, Gma and Gpa gave all the grandchildren money and again, it made us wonder where they get it all. There are so many! Billions of grandchildren, Amanda and I guess. Speaking of Amanda, she and I exchanged our annual massages. Back when we spent summers at the farm, we did these daily, but as growing up naturally ensued, we no longer receive those luxuries. Amanda is a great masseuse, in case anybody is wondering, which I'm sure you are. It seems like something people would wonder about.
I had chicken dumpling soup, gelatin (note the NON-use of Jello)--complete with multi-colored marshmallows, milk, and banana bread. Mitch had ham, but I opted out. I forgot to have dessert; it was, of course, Gma's traditional dish...except with chocolate instead of butterscotch. I was mildly disappointed.
Mitch and I went to a dinner with his family, the Cronins, and some old friends of their's who moved to Arizona. We ate at Jack and Jims, which is, as you may or may not know, delicious. We both got the buffet; I had salad, that creamy-green stuff that's always available at salad bars, brown beans, mashed potatoes, fried chicken (or baked; I'm not entirely sure), and stuffing. And water. I exercised control today!: no soda. Hoorah.
Mitch dropped me off at home after the dinner so I could help Mom prepare for tomorrow (the schedule is Mom's at noon, the Nelson family in the evening). I cleaned Bunny's cage--disgusting as always, stirred the meringue, and cleaned the bathroom. So I didn't do MUCH, and I did feel semi-bad about leaving her to make the Styrofoam cookies, but the Vikings game called me.
Brian just quasi-butt-humped Tony.
I wore a sweater I've had for two years but never wore. It's blue, has a hood, and as I found out, goes well with black.
I'm terribly excited for presents! But I can't forget to wrap Tyler's gift card (a Nintendo Power subscription); it's sitting on my nightstand, along with my compilation of Robert Louis Stevenson...which I still have to finish--and must.

My crabbiness has subsided, but I want to advance on the topics I presented yesterday but never really delved into: the inheritance of morality.
Do you believe every person who has ever, does, and will ever live has an inherent sense of the same moral values; and, should a person deviate from those values, is he or she simply ignoring them?
If yes, where did those morals come from?
If no, how do you explain the apparent natural knowledge (or should I say guilt) of "good" or "bad" deeds?
How do these morals differ from culture to culture? Maybe do some research, it could be very intriguing.
I'm not entirely sure what my view is, but I definitely believe that there is no set thread of morals that everyone has and should adhere to.
After all, Hitler was being just to Hitler.

Maybe I'll discuss Adolf in my next entry.

The Wii's Mario Party isn't as revolutionary as I hoped. It doesn't utilize the system as well as I anticipated; but, on the other hand, it's at least less repetitive and more interesting than some of the previous editions.

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