Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Fergus is not a sex toy

The test is on Thursday and I do not feel ready. I didn't get all the multiple choice done today and I still have to do/finish the essay questions. I just have to stay courageous and believe I can do it. If I do this test well, I'm essentially guaranteed a very nice final score (as long as I do all my assignments on time; and I will, because I value the class so much).
I had QSU tonight; it was fun: I got to hug Kevin and help pick out the new meeting time for next semester. Tuesdays at nine oclock. I wouldn't have minded eight, but nine works too.
I finally figured out my schedule for next semester! Hoorah! I decided when I'd have the time to work, and then I emailed Kristen and she said she's send the information to Deb. I'm so thrilled; the opportunity to work for the Communications department so early on? What a treat!
Here we are watching Family Guy. Mitch just sent the Sopranos disc we had last week back in the mail; we'll be onto the fourth season soon! There are eight seasons in total, and I suppose we're hoping to get them done by the end of the spring semester.
I still haven't written my Xmas cards. I have to get on it (and we have to buy stamps, because we can't send the cards until we do). And only a few weeks until the holiday.
Augsem was cancelled today. Quanbeck showed up with a movie for us to watch, but he gave us the choice of not watching it and instead having a no-class day. So we did. I started work at noon instead of 1:30, and I got off at 3:45. I finished the whole humongous pile from the yellow folder Mary gave me. I was extremely productive!
While at the QSU meeting, I read a cheap magazine about resume tactics. There were many kinds of resumes (as in, what to include, what sort of basic ideas to use). I wonder what mine will look like. It's strange to not know what I'll be doing in four years. I mean, looking back on my senior year, it was so calming: I knew who I was and what I would be. I would be a leader. But what about my senior year of college? Where will I be? What will I be? What sort of neat things will I get to mention on my resume? I like to review my activity resume from the Presidential Scholarship competition and see if there are things I missed (I've found a few things from the end of the year that didn't make it on).
I lost my planner. It's around here somewhere. Maybe in the office? Well I started using my composition book in place of it. The book was also good for long-term things, so I could see them all at once. I used it a lot during last year (the spring and summer). That's my advice for the day. Get a notebook that you ONLY (and I mean ONLY) use to plan things (like individual budgets, example prom, or scholarship dates). It rescued me from a certain organizational crisis. I had all the important things I might otherwise forget about all in one spot.
I'm rambling, aren't I?
I've noticed after having had Crockett for about a semester I've gotten into little spots of "awkwardness" with my other professors. I have a very good reason, of course! Crockett emphasizes that we should question our professors and ask them about their personal beliefs concerning the information they're presenting and other things, including "controversial" issues (mine is people of different sexual orientation and their civil rights being denied in the face of Christianity).
I love being controversial.

Whenever I think of KAUG I think of Bitchell Millings.

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