Monday, December 3, 2007

Do not eat those doughnuts

We're watching the Patriots/Ravens game right now and let me tell you: it is intense. Come on, Patriots! Mitch doesn't know where his loyalties lie. Wait, I shouldn't say loyalties; I'm not loyal to New England. I'd just like them to keep their perfect record. They're on their fourth down and they've got (some number...some high number) of yards to go. You can do it!
So Vespers ended up going extremely well. Our first performance was pretty shaky (pitch was nasteh and we failed to watch Nancy), but the others were fantastic. My favorite was the first performance of Saturday night: after Dona Nobis, Peter did a very nice little "YES!" I can't wait to be in the Augsburg choir. It'll be like moving up into concert choir, except I would have already had Peter a year (Mr. Breuswitz was the man). That's all right. Nancy is such a doll. I think she was stressed during our last week before Vespers, and she frequently did strange and very cute things like mumble a lot.
Have you read Stephen Colbert's book, I Am American and So Can You? Mitch has the audio tape; he, Brian, and I listened to it on the way back home for Thanksgiving. I just thought of it because we saw a bit of The Colbert Report. Well, if you can take being taunted by completely true conservative issues, but presented by a satirical liberal, then you should either read or listen to the book. Mitch says listening is better, because it's Stephen reading and he's positively hilarious.
Too bad he's not actually running for president. It would be interesting.
So today in religion Quanbeck told us that Luther commented that it would be better to have a non-Christian leader who still does good in the face of humanity and is moral and just than have a Christian leader who does covert and immoral things (the current administration's use of torture as an accepted method of interrogation came to my mind).
The Ravens have fourteen seconds remaining, one time out, and three points to make up for a tie. This is such a neat game. Sports are very fun. Whoever says sports are unintelligent, non-useful facets of society have too many high-and-mighty sticks up their ass. Sports have been important cultural factors since ancient Greece (think the Olympics and the Hera games, which were essentially the olympics for women). Yeah. Did you know that women participated in a different set of games? Yep.
OH WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! Baltimore just lost by a HAIR. I'm not kidding. A hair.
I talked a lot with Tracy, Ember, and Jocelyn during Vespers. They are such cool girls. I sat with Tracy on the bus and she seems to be a lot like me. Or rather, we're a lot like each other. Jocelyn took a nap underneath the piano during our dinner break Saturday and Ember is a joy to talk to. We were in quite a few of the same activities during high school: plays, speech (I think), band, marching band, choir...I plan to have a chickadees night with them at some point. And I don't want to be flaky. I really want to do it.
I worked for a little bit today; forty-five minutes and the yellow folder just doesn't seem to get any smaller! One very exciting thing happened though; Lily's file is complete! That means she should be hearing from Augsburg in the next couple weeks. I can't wait to hear her final decision. I really think Augsburg is the place she'd be happiest. I can't claim to know this, of course, because I don't know her deepest ambitions or anything, but as far as I can tell, especially the honors program, would be really great for the education she wants to have.
Also, any chance to speak with Larry Crockett should be taken advantage of.
There's chocolate in the vase on top of the TV now. Mitch wouldn't let me put his fancy chocolate in, but I bought some Hersheys at Target when we went Christmas shopping. Or Saturnalia. Maybe once I get old enough to be crabby and not feel bad I'll celebrate other holidays, just for the fun of it. I'll do some research and find a bunch of different cultural winter holidays and celebrate those instead of Christmas. I mean, there's nothing technically wrong with me practicing Christmas, because it's really evolved into a huge American commercialism phenomenon, but it would be just as (more?) neat to celebrate something new. I'd probably still have facets of Christmas because it's such a big part of my childhood, but I'd have our feast on the other holiday's main night, etc.
Mitch doesn't like that idea.
We'll see. :)
He started a spreadsheet of our wedding savings tonight. Hoorah!
I'm going to order Kristi's present tonight so it can make it here by Christmas.
Management tomorrow! Mock test, and then real test on Thursday: our last one! Let's see how I do.

Science and religion are more alike than they pretend: both are searching for or claim to have, a certain redemptive Truth.

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