Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Curves are calling cities and you

I took both my finals! I got a 4.0 on the Communications final (and in the class; it's the only grade I've gotten back so far, and it's very exciting), and I think I did well on the Religion final. I took the full two hours to write, and although writing a lot is no indicator of how good the writing is, I still think I did well. This is how my Monday went: I got up at 6 A.M., got Mitch some grape juice (his tummy hurt the night before), went back to sleep for a half hour, showered, went to my Communications final, did it, worked for a little bit, went to the Honors suite, studied and took a nap, took the Religion final, and then I don't remember. I studied my Japanese dictionary for quite a while yesterday evening. Oh yeah! We went to Grandma's and got presents! Mitch got a card game called "Blink;" it's sort of like speed, but with cute shapes--and I got Pass the Pigs! Mitch, Charles, and I have been playing them (and Jenga) obsessively. We haven't played Battle of the Sexes yet; we were going to tonight, with Molly, but she didn't end up coming over, so it'll have to wait until this weekend. Technically, two people can play it (so Mitch and I can play it together), but I think he really wants to play it with a group first.
Mitch, that Bopkins, picked out a graduation card for Aimee today. He's also baking those delicious holiday-white-pretzel treats for his Public Speaking class tomorrow.
I detest it. Do you realize how many other BETTER things could be done with that amount of money (what is it now? hundreds of billions of dollars?)
Mitch's last final is tomorrow morning at 10:15; and then we're done! We're heading home early afternoon, as soon as he's done helping someone get Jaguar installed on their computer. I'm so excited to eat cookies. Mom better have those pink cookies made!
Also, just so you know, it feels fantastic to have ABSOLUTELY nothing to do. I have work, of course, and there's next semester's logistics to keep in mind, but overall, I have time to read, play video games, and eat way too much food. Oh, and Mitch and I are going to start a daily work-out during break. We hope to keep it going during next semester; we both want to be healthier.
Already he and I have six Christmas cards! How thrilling! It's nice to get cards addressed to the both of us; it's a neat feeling.
We plan on having sleepovers while in Milaca; now that both of us are used to having someone sleeping next to us, we don't want to go a week without it.
His pretzels smell delicious; I wonder if he'll let me try one.
KHU started a Wikipedia database: and I'm in it! There's a page of all the articles entered so far, and they're largely devoted to the cultural history of KHU. I'm credited with the popularity of "glomsps," and the "Down With Periods!" movement (along with FMS, of course). I teared up; those were good times. And I learned a lot, despite not being able to pinpoint exactly what those things were.
So during break, I plan on stopping by the chat to see if Tony or Maggie are around (of course Maggie will be around).
Also, I'll finally type up the document of Larry Crockett quotes. I'm highly anticipating it.

Additionally, I had smelly gas tonight. It's most fun to fart up against Mitchell in bed.

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