Saturday, December 29, 2007

Cory clippers made for collies

Alan, where art thou?
Work went by as normal as usual; I did get a lot of apps done, which I'm mightily proud of. Mitch and I left about 3:30 PM for Milaca as to get a little head-start on the traffic. This, of course, did not actually help: traffic was still bad. It lightened up as we got out of Minneapolis, though, and went fairly smoothly the rest of the way home. Or at least I think it did: I fell asleep (of course), and continued thus until a little after Princeton, when I was woken up by Mitch's singing.
Mom had me feed the dogs, which I enjoyed as I miss both Sadie and Boris deeply. I then ran to the grocery store to get her some soup and ginger ale. I additionally picked up a toothbrush to finally clean my ring.
Afterward, I met with Tony, Brian, and Mitch at the Drive In for dinner; I had two soft-shell tacos and a cherry Pepsi (yes, I know, I was naughty). We then headed over to Mitch's to play board games and Guitar Hero. We opened up my new game, Buzz Word, which I briefly explained a few entries ago, and it turned out to be a really fun game, even though none of us really expected it to.
Cory again made me jealous by talking about his excursions to Japan. When will I get to go? There are so many "if" factors: will I take Japanese through St. Thomas next fall? Will there be any short-term opportunities to travel to Japan through ACTC? Will I be able to afford it? What will my second major and/or minor be? All of these greatly affect the time period I'll have to wait to travel to Asia.
Quanbeck still hasn't entered our grades. How rude! They were due by three o'clock this afternoon; all my other meaningful grades are in (theater lab and Augsem aren't in either). I'm highly aggravated by this: I really need to start applying for scholarships, and I can't begin until I have a real GPA. And I certainly can't have a real GPA until there's a real cumulative GPA to be had!

Guess what? I typed up the Crockett quotes! Now, these are not necessarily all direct quotations: the document is a mix of direct quotes and indirect and personal questions or thoughts on my part recorded during Scholar Citizen. I will publish the quotes tomorrow as a separate entry than my normal daily post.

I ate vitamin c drops like candy tonight. I'm avoiding the stomach flu Mom came down with (Devon, this morning, said he also had the flu, so did his ex's family, so it must be going around). I avoided mono and I can avoid the stomach flu!

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