Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Brown lather, town trousers

I've had boogers all day; they never seem to end!
Mitch had class and something else tonight: he's doing sound (or something) for some benefit somewhere. That's all I know. He should be back soon; but regardless of when that it, I'm going to bed at eleven. Or so I think. I want to do the dishes before I get ready; I hate watching them pile up-and up-and up until the sink is so full it takes me a half hour to wash them all.
I was productive tonight! I RSVP'd for the ABO Networking dinner at five P.M., but I ended up starting my Management early. I got it all done. Oh no! Wait, I didn't! I can't forget: don't let me forget to do that last piece of extra credit! Anyway, I got the internet exercise done and I took notes for tomorrow. That may seem silly, because we have no more reason to study, but A) I like to learn regardless of whether I'm tested on it or not, and doing the actual recording of notes helps me remember things, and B) she's having us do an experiential exercise tomorrow during class and I'd like to have a sheet with all chapter seventeen's concepts on it. I also did my Religion. Oh yeah. I forgot to mention: they told on us, those tattle-tales! The other Religion class told Quanbeck that he never assigned us the vocation-movie paper. Well, little did they know or care that we had two readings they didn't have and a paragraph on Night. So instead of a paper, he said we could write a paragraph on a vocational movie. I wrote three pages. On accident! It always happens that way, is all. :)
In addition, I took the final Communications exam and did wonderfully! None wrong! Now all I have to do is wait to see how she grades my essay questions and then finish the final project, present, and I can see my final grade! Oh, I'm so excitedly anxious to see my grades. This semester is really the standard for how hard I work from now on. I sincerely hope I do well, because I tried very hard.
I had Steven read through my Scholar Citizen rough draft today during class. I fixed what he suggested, and I revised it (simplified sentences, straightened out grammatical errors). I thought Crockett's long day was today, but I was mistaken; so now, I have to wait until Friday morning to have a personal sit-down with him! But it's ok. I'll bee fine. I really worked on this paper, and it follows the same style as Steven's last paper and he got a 4.0.
Crockett had us watch something on YouTube about Rorty today. When it was done, I brought up this: despite Rorty's belief in social and gender equality, there were no women-scholars on the program about him. How ironic.
Mitch got a finals-survival kit from his parents. It comes with tea, and I plan on drinking some. Not tonight; it's too late for that, I'd stay awake. I suppose unless it was decaffeinated. But that's all right, I don't want to start something new anymore. Just finish the blog, do that extra credit for Management (I can't forget!), and wash the dishes. Although, by then, I probably won't want to. So maybe not.
I found out I have a Religion final on Monday at one o'clock!
I start training for the Communications job on Monday as well: three o'clock. I'm so happy I got the job; it's such a great opportunity and the Communications staff is wonderful.
Speaking of Communications; the departmental party was today. AWESOME cookies, let me tell you. Kristen made them and they were oh so DELICIOUS! I adore winter-holiday cookies (I also had hot cocoa). Like the kind with chocolate Kisses in the middle, and the powdered sugar cookie ball things, and those pink ones Mom makes and I WISH I knew how to make! Those are my absolute favorite: it's similar to eating air, but with taste. Really good taste. And with chocolate pieces inside.
One more reason I can't wait to see my grades: I can finally start applying for other scholarships. Right now I can't apply for a lot of scholarships because I have no actual GPA. I do have that transfer .75 credit from SCSU (high school psychology), but I don't think the grade I got in that gets counted in my Augsburg GPA. I hope it doesn't! I didn't do very well in that class, mainly due to those awful AWFUL calibrated peer reviews. Lazy professors...
Carolers came around to the offices today; we got two different groups! How strange. We haven't had any yet (to my knowledge, anyway), and then we got two today. It was all very exciting. I believe one of the groups was Religion faculty; I got to see Quanbeck. I yelled "Bye Quanbeck!" when he left, but I don't know if he heard me; I was in the back room.
Oh, I can't wait to go home and see Eric and Alan! I get to see Brian and Tony just enough that I don't desperately miss them, but Eric and Alan I so rarely get to spend time with that all these holidays are precious to me! I'm planning on bringing Catch Phrase home with me so we can all play. We wanted to use it at the our engagement party, but silly me, I forgot it at college.

A week until break! I can do this! Goooooooooooooooooo, Alison!

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