Saturday, November 3, 2007


The Treble Festival was today. It went pretty well, which of course, is an exaggeration. It was decent. I will just say this: Apparently, the cool thing to do is wear mini skirts to an urban college campus in 40 degree weather.
Of course. I should have known that. Right?
That's one thing I never understood about females. Do they WANT to get raped?
But the festival was still ok. It made me appreciate being in a college group.
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnddddd we're watching the Sopranos again. We decided to make tonight an "in" night; I wanted to study, but that's definitely not happening. The most I'll get done tonight is a few pages of coloring. Which is SOMETHING, at least. Except that means tomorrow I have to not only do ALL my homework for this weekend, but I also have (get) to make my first portfolio for Homemade!
I'm sitting here with my honey-bunches-of-oats; the one, the only, the MITCHELL!!!
I have a zit. Right above my lip. It's small, and hard, but it's there. Oh! There it went. I picked at it and got the hard skin off. It'll heal nicely now.
Yeah yeah, Gushers! They're the Halloween kind--the kind that make your teeth turn colors. Except, my teeth are already colored. From something unknown.
What, I wonder...
WOAH. Random boobs again.
I keep checking Etsy to see if the maker of those Plusle and Minun earrings responded...but she hasn't. I also search for Zelda things for my mom.
Ooooh, I'm so excited to start giving speeches for Kristen. I think our first meeting is next Friday; so close, yet so far away!
I'm going to give Mitchell a foot rub now. He's cuddled up in the corner of the bed, hugging his green pillow. But I've seen him hug my pillow after I've gotten out of bed. He claims he doesn't want a feather pillow, but who wouldn't want one? They're fantastic, really. REALLY fantastic, really, REALLY, fantastic, really, REEAAALLLLY.
They never go flat! Well, I suppose they get smushed, but all you have to do is grab the corners of the pillowcase, shake, and VOILA! Large, fluffy, malleable pillow.
Jose (my student at the Franklin Learning Center) emailed me again today! He asked me what "squiggly" means. He's such a dear. I'll miss him so much!
Well I suppose. I'd better get to rubbin'.

Hit me up.

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