Thursday, November 15, 2007

Turquoise turtles in the trick tank.

Democratic presidential debate!!!
Yeah yeah.
Of course, I'm rooting for Barack Obama. Although, Hillary's speaking fairly well tonight. I don't remember who said it, but one of the candidates mentioned that most Republicans aren't against more diplomacy and less ridiculous war, they're afraid to piss Bush off. I can see that.
Kristen got pretty heated the other day while talking about abortion. Supporting a woman's right (and her right to privacy), is different than wanting all woman to kill their babies. There is a huge space between supporting constitutional freedoms and encouraging teens to give up on their pregnancies. Liberals are not baby killers.
There, I'm done ranting.
The debate is done now. Time for the analysis.
Management today was really neat. We formed four teams; ours was in charge of coming up with a plan to take ten art-interested clients to New York for a weekend. My job is to find their entertainment. So far I have the clients attending the Guggenheim Museum and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Some other events I'll be looking into is an opera (possibly Madam Butterfly?), a ballet (Swan Lake? Or too cliche?), and a Broadway show (provided the writers are writing again...). Shannon was a dear and agreed to do the type up of the observations concerning our group work and our master plan. I'm supposed to email my information to her by Monday. Shannon is such a great girl; she's very nice, very smart, and very motivated.
Mitch went to dinner with his Aunt Sharon tonight, but as I had not started my Scholar Citizen paper yet, I decided it would be best to stay home and get it done. I finished at about 7 p.m. I really hope Crockett decides it's better than the first. He looks mainly for a definitive argument and an innovative take on the issue. I'm thinking about writing a little note on a separate page and including it with my paper--on what I believe my innovative argument is.
It was payday today, and it was very exciting. I made more than last month, which is doubly exciting. Most of it will be spent on Christmas, of course.
Vespers is creeping up on me. I plan on spending some time this weekend memorizing a few of the songs. Nancy was very kind and posted the piano parts up on her website. I love that professors here are technologically intelligent. Quanbeck too, even though he doesn't like to show us via actual class-related material. He DOES show us Youtube videos and talks about his iPod.
I haven't scheduled an appointment with my therapist yet. I was supposed to begin sessions over a month ago. Shoot.
Oceans 11 is on. I love that movie. I hated Oceans 12. Oceans 13 was a little inbetween the first two.
Mitch's fish are chasing each other. This time, it's the algae-eaters; not the barbs, which are usually the ones who play tag.
I'm very excited for Thanksgiving. I want to print off Thanksgiving bingo that I found online. I think it was "Family Fun Online" or something.
I GOT MY RING BACK TODAY!!!! I'm thrilled. I missed having it on my finger. I've noticed I look at Mitch with less argumentive eyes now that I have the ring back. I can sometimes get mean when I'm in the middle of being stressed (which happens often), and I have to remember not to.
YUCK. Mitch just told me about the zit he popped all over the mirror this morning. All I mentioned was that Mom told me Bunny looks much better now that he had a current bath AND his cyst thing popped (or something), so now it's all scabby.
Jack van Impe is a NUT. That's what I've decided. Watch his show sometime. It's HILARIOUS.
Mitch just tried peeing with the door open, but I made him shut it. Gross! And if not gross, unsophisticated. But then again, what's sophisticated?
Mary hugged me today at work after I told her about Mitch and I's engagement. Lots of smiling ensued.
I went to the store room today! That's always a treat.
Mitch got a new ringtone! It's about time. Kanye West's Stronger.

La la la.

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