Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Seals kiss better than she does.

It is Tuesday; my day of little productivity. Joe made coffee during work, so that gave me a small boost, but I got little done tonight. I had a choir sectional at 7:30, and then a QSU meeting. The sectional went really well. Nancy helped us pick out our parts on the mass choir pieces, and then we ran through a couple trouble spots on our solo pieces. I sat by Shannon; she has a fantastic voice. And usually it's easier for people with strong voices to sing apart from each other, but tonight, it felt really easy for me to sing next to her. The sectional got done around 8:15, so I booked it over to Christensen, but I was just a little too late. They decided what movie we're going to watch on QSU movie night, which is November 27th. I can't remember what it's called, but "soap" is in the title. It's about a transgender woman; possibly to celebrate Transgender Day of Remembrance, which is next week?
I'm sitting here on the loveseat with my Popkins. I love making up new and hideous nicknames for him. Popkins, Pumpkin, Babes (which he hates).
I found a spectacular print on Etsy today. It's called Ten Arms for You; it's a passionate little red-headed octopus girl. It's only $13, and I'm thinking of getting it as a present for myself. I'll feel guilty if I do, though. It's nearly Christmas time; I tend to spend a lot at Christmas (on other people).
That fish of Mitch's is up by the heater thing again. It's ALWAYS up there. I think it's sick. It's smaller than the other, and he got them both at the same time. His tank has really cleaned up since he got them though; before it got green easily even though he used algae get-ridder. Their sort of ugly fish, but they get the job done.
I love The Office. Except, this is the episode after the booze cruise, and it's one where Jim is sad. Pam is excited about her wedding. But I'm not really sad, because I know they get together! Yay.
I get my ring back in a couple days. I keep counting down the hours. Teresa (the QSU Co-Commissioner) asked to see it at the meeting tonight, but I, of course, couldn't show her.
Mitch started flipping channels, and he stopped on FX. All of a sudden, CRAZY SEX SCENE.
Now we're watching some crime...police....OH. It's Bad Boyz. I don't know if it's 1 or 2, I never got into this genre.
Except James Bond. That's a staple love in my family. James Bond is also what I've decided my new HoneySuckle soap smells like.
Speaking of my family, I'm getting increasingly anxious for the party they're throwing Mitch and I. Eric said he can come, and Jackee (+ Cabot) said she'd stop by.
I gave the flash drive full of Halloween pictures to Carrie today, and she in turn gave them to Cat, the web-editor. I can't wait to see them up on the site!
Work was pretty good today. I did a folder-stuffing project for Carola, I did some filing which seemed to take no time at all, I stuffed some junior inquiries, and then input some web inquiries. No people from Milaca.
I got a message from Sara today. She said a lot of nice things; how she loved her visit, and that I should thank all the people she met for being so kind. I'm glad she had such a good experience here. I believe Augsburg has the capabilities to do that for a lot of people.
I keep waiting for the present I got Mom to come in the mail. Where is it? I'm impatient.
I even saw Quinn today! He came into the office to make sure the flash drive was delivered. It's nice to see infrequent faces; it makes the day more interesting.
I did so well on my Management test! My score improved from last time, which I knew would be very hard to do. There were some upperclassmen whiners who told Magda she should take the average of our two best test scores; of course, neither Shannon nor I like that idea. While it would technically benefit us, it makes us feel like one of our tests would be undermined. And that's frustrating, because we put in great effort on all the tests. I hope Magda doesn't go along with the idea.
Mitch also got a good score on his test. He's such a smart guy; so many things to love.

I did get a basic idea of what stand I want to take and some evidence to back it up done (for the Scholar Citizen paper due Friday). And I found the GDP per capita of Japan for 2006; it's extra credit (with an analysis of sorts) for Thursday's management class. Along with something else I can't remember the details of right now, and an assignment.

I'm bored of my computer. I want to do something different.


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