Sunday, November 25, 2007

Relax bear and my body

And here we are again, back at Augsburg, watching the Sopranos. Still season three. And there they are at Bada Bing, Tony's strip club.
Today went well; I went to Unclaimed Freight and picked up a few small gifts--I got something for Maggie! One is a tug-o-war toy that I think I want all the dogs to play with. Maybe Maggie and Boris will play with it together.
Mom took me grocery shopping. I only bought a few things, but now that I've seen what Mitch got, there's a few other things I could have picked up. Paper towels! Ugh. I'm silly.
I have a few things to get done tomorrow: I have homework, photo editing to do for Homemade, and our theater lab group is meeting at 7 P.M. to run through our vignette.
So I looked up the Roman holiday that Christmas is essentially based off of: it's Saturnailia, celebrating Saturn, the god of the harvest. It ran for about a week; I think it started on the 17th of ever December. I also learned that "Xmas" is an actual abbreviation of Christmas. It's not people trying to take the "Christ" out of the holiday, like I've heard people say around town during the holidays; instead, the "x" is the first letter of the Greek "Christ," and it's an accepted way to abbreviate Christ. So you can also use "Xnty" when referring to "Christianity."
Tony Soprano is such a hidden heart-of-gold. Most members of Tony's mafia seem to be. Except that one guy that killed his pregnant whore. What a douche.
Mitch and I went to the Motion City Soundtrack/Mae/Anberlin/Metro Station show tonight. Motion City, of course, was basically flawless. Mae was terrible, which makes me sad because I love love LOVE their recorded music. Anberlin was actually pretty good. Mitch said their drummer wasn't spectacular, but their show was still excellent all around. Metro Station was decent; nothing too amazing. I'll just try and pretend Mae wasn't bad. Anyway, we stood the whole time and I wore HEELS. So now my fee hurt like hell. Mitch and I agreed to exchange foot rubs before we go to sleep. So I'd better start now. :)


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