Friday, November 9, 2007

Play the cymbal for my belly-button.

Chaos! All over the place, congratulations and surprise.
Mitch drove us downtown tonight and I paid for dinner at Buca. We had chicken saltimbocca, as I guessed, and some alfredo on the side. And then bread with olive oil, a green apple Italian soda--Mitch had a Cherry Pepsi complete with three cherries, and a cup of delicious vanilla ice cream. Our service was fantastic; we made it in just before the rush (Mitch thinks it was people eating before the Lion King), so we got our food very fast. It only took us about twenty-five minutes to order and eat.
We arrived back on campus pretty early, but his sister came over, so she was our source of entertainment for a couple hours. Now we're watching the Sopranos.
Tomorrow I HAVE to do laundry. I'm running out of things to wear. Like clean underwear.
I like to wear clean underpants.
I attempted to work on my Cultural Approach to Organizational Communication essay outline tonight, but there were too many distractions. I'm so excited for Sara! I called her tonight, but she wasn't available, so I left a message with her mom, who sounded very neat. Sara's supposed to call me back tomorrow so we can discuss meeting times and what sort of things she wants to do Sunday night. Honors Suite? Coffee in the neighborhood?
Mom taped I Remember Mama for me tonight. I was Katrin in that play my junior year. Nostalgia: "If I can't write, I might as well die!" In addition, "I forgot the letter!"
Yes, I used to be in theater and speech. Speaking of speeching, I spoke for Kristen today. She said I was very adept at identifying characters and speaking exactly as the character would. For example, the phrase "John hates to have me write a word" takes on a whole new meaning and style when spoken as the woman from the Yellow Wallpaper than if it was as Rip Van Winkle.
I could have found a better example, but I didn't. She also said I rushed a little, which I wholly agree with. I could feel it in the first paragraph; I was zooming through.
I ate so many M&Ms today. I'd say a good half-a-bag.
Kristen has stuffies up on the top of her desk shelf. She has a penguin, a Pikachu figurine, among others. She gets cooler by the day. It's a continuous process, her coolness.
Quinn gave me his flash drive today so I can finally give Carrie the Halloween pictures so they can be put up on Homemade. There are some good shots in that set.
I looked up to directly watch a bit of the Sopranos, and I saw Mitch playing with Lolita, my pink and purple sock creature. He fiddled with her bow, a spot with her eyes.
He and I are going to get my ring resized tomorrow. It fits well enough to wear, but not forever. I need it to fit forever.
Today was Asian day in Christensen. I scoped out some Japanese candy that I've had eaten before. It was the same stuff I bought at the World Market in St. Cloud. I got a fantastic picture of Annika eating a piece.
Now I have Mitch right next to me. Tony's psychiatrist got raped, so I needed to hug a non-scary man to confirm my safety.
Advice: Pepper spray hurts. Use it on bad people.
"Don't bust my balls." That's a fairly common phrase on this show.

Goodnight pumpkin.

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