Monday, November 5, 2007

Pinecones up my nose feel very very blue.

Still no response from the Etsy woman.
I got quite a bit done tonight, although it doesn't seem like it when I think of all that I still have to do. I practiced four cuttings for my meeting with Kristen this Friday. I did Peter Rugg, the Missing Man, two cuttings of the Yellow Wallpaper, and...I guess that's all I did. Three. I swore I did Rip Van Winkle, but upon reflection, it turns out I didn't.
I'm so excited to host this weekend. It'll be my first: I think her name is Sara(h?). She's into everything, which sounds a lot like me, so I shouldn't have trouble deciding what to do with her. I'm definitely taking her to the Honors Suite, because she mentioned she's interested in the program. Any visit to the Honors Suite and/or mention of the houses is enough to make anyone want to join, I'm sure.
I bought mint-scented foot creme from the dollar section in Target and it works/smells magnificent(ly).
I have to admit, I smell pretty bad right now though. I sweat a lot today for some reason. I wonder why that is: I sweat when it's coldest out.
In addition to practicing those cuttings, I got chapter 19 of the Einstein biography we're reading for Scholar Citizen done. Chapter 20 is "less emphasis," which means I'm going to very lightly skim it and call it good. I hope he's put up the questions for the two previous chapters; those really help me come quiz time.
I had theater lab tonight; it went all right. Bob Groven came into speak with us and answer more questions. It's very hard to get ahold of that man, and apparently, he's also very wary of photographs, but he really is very knowledgeable, and so it's always a joy getting to ask him as many questions as you can fit into one half hour. We also re-blocked our vignette. I'm a little nervous about memorizing; mostly because for theater in high school, it was easier to memorize since we had practice every day. Now, I have practice once a week. It makes a big difference...
I hung up cute little Thanksgiving quotes in Mitch's dorm (and mine). There's a couple about eating too much and a couple about how giving thanks with words is not enough, it must be with the heart, and it must be acted out. The particular quotes I'm thinking of is: "As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them," and He who thanks but with the lips/Thanks but in part;/The full, the true Thanksgiving/Comes from the heart."~J.A. Shedd. The food quotes are very true, but I don't feel the extreme need to mention them.
I'm afraid Mitch's internet is being rather pissy tonight. My assumption is that it's due largely to the fact that his wireless connection isn't protected by a password, so other people leech off it. I know I would. It wouldn't bother me so much if I didn't have Twilight Princess music playing in the background (thanks to The Hylia). It's a fantastic resource for those who want to hear the music from all areas of the Zelda series, but are not interested in stealing them. The truth to this is that if a full soundtrack was available for purchase/download, I would definitely take advantage of the offer.
The whole admissions staff is gone tomorrow! Crazy nuts. I still get to go to work, thankfully. I need all the hours I can get and still manage to have time for homework; specifically, Quanbeck's paper. My religion essay is only the beginning, however. I also have a semi-medium-large (in importance) research essay due for Intro to Comm due soon and a Scholar Citizen essay on Einstein and his influence on modern challenges; i.e. the atomic bomb, nuclear warfare. I think I'm going to ask around, see what other people think. And not just in my class, because that would mean my essay might end up being too similar to theirs, in case they influence me--but those not in Scholar Citizen. It's always nice to hear other opinions; without those other viewpoints, there would be no argument in my essay; thus, poor grade (and a not-proper paper).
I can't forget to run a scan of my computer next time I'm not physically using it. It's been harassing me of late, starting scans on its own and such, but I keep stopping it mid-progress.
Mitch bought SimCity 4 at Target on Sunday and has been obsessively playing it since. Just about every time I look over at him to see how he's faring, he's got his nose an inch from the (enormous) computer screen, trying to see the teeny blocks of land he's trying to build upon. Cute.
It's getting fairly late; the time flew by tonight. I haven't seen much of my bopkins, so I suppose I'd better; correction: I want to huggle and squeeze and smooch him as much as possible before we fall asleep, so here I go to "get ready for bed."
I've recently developed a beef for that phrase.

Over and out, captain!

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