Friday, November 2, 2007

Mne mne mne, ME ME ME eats fish.

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. I is sleepy, no?
We went to the Roseville AMC theater to see Gone Baby Gone. Here's my synopsis of the night: Mediocre-good movie, Casey Affleck was great, theater = SUCKED. Their wait times were way too long. The movie was supposed to start at 8:30, and it didn't until 9:00. LAME. My time is precious. PRECIOUS.
I could be coloring, for one. I plan on taking down all the strictly Halloween pages from my door and the adjacent wall and putting up Thanksgiving pages. I also printed off a calendar that I'll put miscellaneous events-er-oonies on.
Speaking of miscellaneous events, I can't forget to take Mitch and Charles into the Honors Suite to watch a movie on the projector one of these nights. Or maybe we'll watch and episode of the Sopranos, though we usually do that at about 10 P.M, so we'd have to switch our schedule around a tad. Also, I'd have to remember to bring my own hot chocolate, because I don't think there's any available in the suite (though there is free food to eat). :)
Mom called me tonight, but I was in the movie AND I left my phone in the room. She also left me MSN offlines, though, so I replied back. I haven't talked to her in a few nights; I think she had jail ministry last night and tonight was the movie...
Birthday cake tonight!! But not for my birthday, it's for Molly's (Charles's girlfriend). It's good cake, too. Vanilla with color-mixes blended in and chocolate frosting. Yum yum yum yum!
Speaking of Charles; Mitch was kissing me while "caressing" Charles's butt earlier today. I swear, sometimes, I truly wonder about those two.
He likes to turn on chick flicks. That man, he's a goon.
Oh! Before we went to the movie, we walked around the mall looking for a restaurant that didn't have a long waiting line, but to no avail, so we ended up settling for Arby's, which was still delicious, but also blocked a large portion of my heart, I'm sure.
Oh, Conan O'Brien. I have a crush on him.
But SSSHHH! Don't tell him. I'm shy.
Also, my beloved Nalgene bottle. Water is the drink of the gods. NOT nectar. Who told you nectar? Silly.
Oh yeah, the writers' strike.
There goes my battery. It lasts about twenty minutes if I'm actively using my computer. How sad, right?
I realized today that I've never seen the Gangs of New York in its entirety, something that I SHOULD do soon. Scorsese's great. The Departed gives me tingles. THOSE kind of tingles.
You know. THOSE kind.
Oh my gosh, I feel like I've said nothing.
But there goes the battery...
Goodnight. Treble Festival tomorrow.

MEEPO IS MY KING. (blasphemy!) Correction: ALDAR FOREVER!

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