Thursday, November 1, 2007


Ba da da daaaaaaaaa!
The management test went all right. As I predicted, she threw about ten multiple choice questions in that weren't on the study guide, but I only had to REALLY truly guess on a few of them. The others I made relatively decent estimates. The essays went very well--I wrote so much, my hand cramped up. And not just normal cramp. CRAZY FREAKIN' DEAR JEEBUS KILL ME EFFING NOW cramped up. I just hope the writing isn't too small for her to read. She WOULD dock me points for writing illegibly.
Yeah yeah, we're the Monkees!
Mitch and I are watching the Sopranos. I LOVE the Sopranos. Oh, I get the shivers whenever the title song comes on; joygasmic! "I woke up this morning...something something something..." Even the small parts are filled with great actors.
I didn't get to go to the Halloween party in Anderson last night, which is a big bummer. I just HAD to study for that management test though. I can't afford (oh, the irony!) to get bad scores in that class. I still wore my costume while studying, which was exciting.
Of course, first, I danced around and acted cute. And stuff. You know. Cute crap.
KAWAII. Right?
I tutored Jose again tonight! Oh yeah: Mitch and I volunteer as tutors at the Franklin Learning Center every Thursday evening, 5-7. I usually work with an Argentinian named Jose. He's so neat. He speaks pretty good English; he can understand a good deal of what I say, although I talk to fast a lot of the time and he makes me repeat things. He's fantastic at writing. I definitely couldn't do it. English is such a hard language to learn; there are so many things that mean the same thing but are spelled differently and so many things that don't mean the same thing that are.
I love that in the Sopranos, there's always a surprise boob scene. SURPRISE! Boobs at a strip club, boobs in a bed. So many boobs.
I found my "small, urban, smart" sticker. Mitch was hiding it in his room. Now I can use it. I love stickers. Although, I'm very stingy with their usage--they can never come off, after all!
Also, Fergus.
And my penguins.
And then there's Plusle, Minun, Mickey, and the Cheshire Cat over in Urness. I discovered a website called "Etsy" that allows craftspeople to sell their creations and allows people like me (with no craft-skill) to purchase the. I found some great little Plusle and Minun earrings. I contacted the seller about possibly selling me one of each (their currently being sold as Plusle and Plusle and then Minun and Minun).
Can Lois hear Stewie? I could never figure it out.

I really want to spend time with my honey-bunches now and not my computer.


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