Sunday, November 25, 2007

Lucky cat waves at you!

It's already beating my ass into the floor and it hasn't even started yet! What the hell is up with that?
Ok, I don't hate Vespers. It is a very very VERY beautiful experience; I can still recall my first Vespers--the music coupled with the grand environment is just extremely unique and heartfelt.
HOWEVER. I hate the agonizing ethic I'm now required to have. I've done all the management homework for this week; I've imported and saved all the Scholar Citizen readings so I can get them done during practice (and why do we have class on Friday? Crockett is sneaky); I'm going to read my communications homework for tomorrow after I get done blogging, and then tomorrow morning I have to sneak in some studying for the religion test that was SUPPOSED to happen last Monday...grr....
Ok, enough of that. I am, indeed, utterly destroyed: I look like crap and my brain is mush, but onto better things:
I'm drinking cocoa. Which is pleasing. I haven't had cocoa in a while! I didn't have any while at home; I also didn't take a bath, which I'm still slightly disappointed about, but that just means I'll get to justify taking many during Christmas break!
Tomorrow I don't work. I do have theater lab. Oh! Speaking of theater lab; Kaaren, Steven, Renee, and I met tonight at 7 P.M. to run through our vignette. It was nothing short of hilarious, of course. I love those peeps. All three of them are very intelligent, very nice, and very pleasant to be around. So anyway, we didn't do so hot on the whole memorization deal, but I suppose that's largely because we giggled so much. We're all still sad that the Jeopardy bit didn't make it in. Kaaren's part in it was definitely funny. We'll be fine tomorrow. I trust myself and my comrades.
You know, I think I'd like to watch the Libertine again. WHOAH! Just as I was typing that, a commercial for SWEENEY TODD. I am SO EXCITED. I squealed when the commercial ended.
Mitch was too busy trying to get the bathroom door open. Charles is trying to hold it shut while he poops, but Mitch seems intent on getting a glimpse. They are so strange.
Mom just told me about a new virus I have to watch out for. She's so cute.
Guess what? She sewed Clyde's hair on. I'm happy. Mitch isn't. He liked to put his hair on his tail and then pull his tail between his legs. Oh, boys.
The Nintendo 64 was such an amazing machine. They really started pushing video games; graphics, sound. Remember the SD card? The Cube was such a shame. I detested it as a system. I suppose it wasn't graphically terrible, (although it wasn't fantastic by any means), but the controls were just atrocious. Try playing Smash Bros. Melee. Ugh. In addition to its horrendous controls, the game wasn't that great either. Nothing really incredible about it as opposed to the original (which I prefer). I wonder what Brawl will amount to. They've released a shat ton of character-shots. The Zelda dresses look wicked.
Oh, I'm so tired.
I edited 45 photos for Homemade today! FORTY-FIVE! It took sooo long.
I took the leaves and acorn thingies out of the living room table centerpiece and put in more pinecones and then little pieces of holly(?). They smell like cinnamon. Except it's VERY heavy, so I've had a small headache all day.
Oh, I'm so pessimistic tonight. I'm just beat, that's all.
Wish me luck on the Religion test. I'll do fine; I studied a ridiculous amount last weekend, but good luck never hurts!

I want that yellow cat teacup.

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Alan said...

How was Smash Bros. Melee hard to control? And there were lots of quality games... they were just all first party. You gotta look at the good, not the bad. I like you blog. Lily told me to check it out.