Friday, November 16, 2007

KILL IT (that lady on the wall)

Today is Friday and it is nice.
We had Mary Lowe sub for Quanbeck today; he's at some religion convention. She seems neat; Mitch never had her, but he agreed with my observations (when he did his Augsburg visit, that's who he sat in on).
We watched I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry tonight. I don't know what convinced Mitch to watch it in the first place; I was very skeptical at first, being a firm civil rights advocate, but in the end, I think it supported gay rights in its own special way.
Now we're watching Jackass and there's a commercial for a Naruto game on the 360. I'm so sad Naruto was brought to America; it's English dub is TERRIBLE. I have the first 24 episodes (or something like that) on Japanese DVD and it's definitely a favorite of mine. I can't stand to hear my little brother talk about the English version, though. "Guess what happened on Naruto?" I don't want to know.
My other favorites consist of, but are not limited to: Azumanga Diaoh. Craziness/scariness. Neon Genesis Evangelion. Even if you're not big into anime, you need to see this series. It's fantastically revolutionary in terms of animation and direction in general. The story behind the creation is doubly interesting, incorporating mental breakdowns and death threats. InuYasha. I don't care how awful the dub can be, it's nostalgic and cute. I'm not going to argue. Crest of the Stars. Beautiful. I also have a crush on the main character, Lafiel. She's awesome. The first season of Yu gi oh. Mostly nostalgia, but also the cheesy rock songs get me pumped. Love Hina. But only the manga. It has the strange, psychotic ability to make females question their straightness. Chrono Crusade, but only Chrono. That devil is sexeh. And last, but DEFINITELY not least is my materialistic lover, The Cat Returns. Make the Baron into a big cat and lemme at him. He's one impressive dude.
As much as I'd like to pretend that I don't think Jackass is funny, I do.
The Halloween pictures finally went up!! Check out the Homemade Photos webpage ASAP.
I found a management association in addition to the communications and marketing associations I've already discovered, but the management association gives out free stuff, so I don't feel like $95 is worth the other mediocre things they offer.
When I went over to Sverdrup to turn in my Scholar Citizen paper, Crockett was in his office and so we talked about various things like how college is going, which paper we thought was easier, etc. He's such a neat professor. He's really interested in how you're doing, personally.
No matter how much publicity Heroes gets, I just can't believe it's a good show.
Uuuuuugggghhhhh. Choir all the time. Choir Monday, Tuesday for sectionals, Wednesday, Friday, and tomorrow. And then the WHOLE week after Thanksgiving. While the band gets time OFF. I'm confused. Does the choir get time off in the spring?
I once counted sheep to fall asleep and it worked. But only once.
Hot Hot Heat on Leno tonight! It's of course a rerun, but any chance I get to see Hot Hot Heat is time spent well.
Tomorrow is the management lecture and then Vesper's practice and then the jazz concert. Later tomorrow evening, Mitch and I are going out with Charles and Molly to Applebees (Mitch wants to go to Hooters) and then to other various downtown places of interest.
I'm getting pretty good at inputting things from the yellow folder at work. The yellow folder houses transcripts, letters of rec, essays, and the like. I like to read recs and essays just to see what mistakes not to make.
Wii sports kicked my ass. I'm extremely sore. My arms and calves hurt so much!


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