Monday, November 19, 2007

Is the fish in the tank really there?

And Reve Rouge, of course. Courtesy of Cirque du Soleil, originally, but famous to me through marching band. It was the year of 2006; year of falling away and rising up. My best friends and I ceased to be thus and my passionate, unrequited lover finally requited to me. No Best in Sites, but a decent year. The marching show was awful; I'll be honest. Distorted's steps were largely forward marches, accompanied by the occasional slow-down-speed-up. Reve Rouge was redeemed through gorgeous trumpet solos, and no matter how awful the footwork was, you had to love the music. We tried to convince Nelson putting Sheboygan on electric guitar would improve our scores, but to no avail.
Now Motion City Soundtrack. Mmmm. Delicious.
Mitch went to MoA tonight; he and Charles ate at Hooters then bought a ridiculous amount of chocolate. Yes, you read me right: chocolate. The man hates chocolate, yet manages to spend incredulously on the luxury. He claims it's "good" chocolate. But I don't believe in his argument.
I'm all set and ready to register tomorrow, starting at 5 P.M. sharp. I have a list all laid out. I plan to attack my Foundations of Fitness class first, since that fundamentally determines my Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. I'm also shooting for a place in Interpersonal Communication, Riverside Singers is a given, vocal lessons too, Liberating Letters and Effective Writing as well. I emailed Kristen to see if she'd let me sneak into her Public Speaking class; it's full up right now, and usually first-years just have to grin and bear it, but: I discovered that Public Speaking is a prereq of many required Communications courses for Comm majors. For example, I wanted to fit Persuasion with Lapakko into my spring schedule, but dismayed, I discovered the prereq. I don't wholly agree with the accepted difficulty of first years getting into Public Speaking; especially if those first years are Comm majors. It just seems very inefficient. So anywho, I emailed Kristen and I'm avidly (and somewhat impatiently) waiting for a response. I won't be mad or offended if she can't take me; I simply figured I'd give it a shot.
Charles let me take five (six? I can't see the wrappers from here) pieces of his chocolate. He spent more than Mitch, but that's no excuse or argument against how much Mitch spent. He won't let me have any more than the piece I already had; he wants to take the chocolate home to his family to eat for Thanksgiving. What a sweet boy.
Speaking of Thanksgiving, I am very much excited for the prospect of eating two turkeys. Mashed potatoes? Corn? Jello? If there isn't Jello at one of the venues, I'll be extremely upset.
You know, I shouldn't say Jello. I should say gelatin. Because Jello is just a brand of gelatin. It doesn't have to be Jello in particular.
The band had their annual winter concert last night. Mitch's family + Sharon took me out to eat at a neat Mexican restaurant over by the Bad Waitress. It was authentic and delicious. Craig didn't like what he got, but that's because he likes good "American Mexican food; ground beef and all." Ah, the plight of authenticity. I would much prefer all American food to be fresh and healthy, but alas. My hope does not seem attainable in the near future. Or far future, for that matter.
I didn't work today, and my theater lab only went until 6:30. A half hour! Fantastic. I got three pages of my Communications essay done and the rest of the Management notes for tomorrow. Shannon got the group assignment done. That sweet-heart!
Kingdom Hearts II: Laughter and Merriment. Hoorah!
So anyway, the band concert was last night. I'll be honest, I liked the opener and the rest didn't appeal to me very much. They were nice songs, to be sure; and as far as I could tell there were no ENORMOUS issues with the technicality of the music, but no real grammy winners.
It's always nice to see Mitch play. And of course, I had a pang of band-missing. But don't tell Bob that!
Auditions for the quartet in God's Own Light were today at 2 P.M. in the choir room. I got the alto 1 part! Celebration! I am pleased; it is perfectly ranged. A "c" is nearing the break in my voice, but a "b flat" is absolutely perfect; singing it, I have good resonance and volume.
The Religion test was cancelled due to a few "concerned" emails from students in my class. At first, I was overjoyed. Even though I studied, an extra review couldn't hurt, could it? Yes. Indeed, postponing the test seems to me now to be a silly idea. Not only will this mean I have to study over break, but what about those girls who also had a French test today and chose to focus on the Religion test this weekend? The way I see it, don't count on a test not happening.
Here's some good wholesome InuYasha music. The ideal thing to listen to when I'm feeling nostalgic. Along with maybe some Neon Genesis Evangelion; but mostly, the half-demon with an inclination toward humans.
Saturday was very fun. We went to Applebees (we tried to get a reservation at Rock Bottom Brewery, but by 2 P.M. they were already all filled up!), and then to Sex World. It was my second time there, but I didn't buy anything this time. Sex is one thing I find hilarious. Hilarious in that it seems our culture seems intent on keeping it in a sort of medieval, olden tyme perception. And I don't mean to say everyone should have sex with everyone else. But a main aspect of the disregard toward sex was that there were few ways to keep from spreading STDs (did people even have knowledge of these?) and preventing pregnancy. Whereas now, there are many ways to protect one's self. It's just a much healthier interaction now. One can't help but think the whole hush-hush is exaggerated and completely unneeded.
Besides this, it's not strange or "creepy" to desire a more complete knowledge, understanding, and use of sex. Such as using sex toys. Are they really as "immoral" or "disgusting" as society would like you to believe? And if so, why? Why is the main question. Never stop asking "why." It may seem childish and redundant. Who cares "why," right? It just is.
Not so. Nothing just is. There is a reason we believe the things we do, and they are all rooted in either personal emotional, political, or socio-economic factors.

We get the new disc of the Sopranos tomorrow, Mitch said. Fabulous! I miss it very much.
I finally recharged my iPod. Green apple colored. So pretty I could eat it. But I won't. Becasue iPods are very expensive.
Mitch was invited to go to Mount Rushmore with a couple Norwegians last weekend, but he declined. Now he's showing me the pictures. I, obviously, care very deeply.

I have to pee. And I can feel my eyes slowly sagging down, down, down....

Britney is not news.

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