Tuesday, November 6, 2007


I'm sitting here with my bopkins, watching something about models, because he's cute like that.
I was supposed to do a full rough draft of the New Testament essay Quanbeck assigned for this Friday, but I got about halfway done and had to call it quits. That was five minutes ago. Now I'm doing this and trying to keep my eyes of Family Guy. This is very hard to do.
Mitch and Charles went to Taco Bell a little bit ago and got me two caramel apple empanadas. I only ate one. That's ok. The second was free because the staff took so long making the first.
I have to remember to keep practicing speeches for my meeting with Kristen. Which one should I do? Hmm...Yellow Wallpaper? Peter Rugg, the Missing Man?
I'm so excited for my first prospect. I can't remember how to spell her name, but I'll find out when Marette gives me my information packet. Overnight hosts get awesome benefits (indirect forms of payment). The first time we get a $5 gift certificate at the coffee shop. The second time we get a "This is what an Auggie looks like" t-shirt. The third time we get $10 at Naboo, and the fourth time we get a $20 (or an amount similar to that, I'm not completely sure) at either the bookstore or Target. Actually, it's for Barnes and Noble, but if I get that, I'll use it at the bookstore. I would be silly not to. Books are so expensive. Here's some advice: save up money for books. They're a real stealer of funds.
Oh, Family Guy...
It's almost time for bed. I can't decide if I'm excited for that or not. My second Intro to Comm exam is tomorrow, and even though I feel I should be studying, I know that I'll do well. It seems to be one of my fortes.
I'm not sure why I like Family Guy more than the Simpsons. Family Guy is such a rip.
I miss doing crosswords. I did one while subbing for the Admissions desk attendant, but I didn't get very far because it took me so long to think of finding one.
I wonder what Mitch and I are doing this weekend. He mentioned something about going downtown, which would the be the ideal thing to do.
I bought Mom a present today, but in case she reads this post, I won't mention what it was I bought. I plan to include it in her Christmas present, so she won't actually get to know what it is for a while.
She said she's sending me something in the mail! I love getting mail. Especially when it's mail from my family. Mail from home, mail from Grandma. I got my monthly card from the Grandma the other day, speaking of which. Hooray! Emotional and monetary goodness.
I made such a mess of my couch area tonight. My papers are all over the place. Along with my Nalgene bottle and the uneaten empanada...
I'm SO excited to get my Management test back. Magda is so much fun. She was very animated today, and not scary at all. She can be scary, but in a very motivational manner. I feel so worthy when I do well in her class. Advice: take Magda's classes. This is especially important advice if you plan to do something similar to international relations or international business. Or any business, I suppose.
I have to finish this blog before eleven, because Google (that's who owns eBlogger, if I remember correctly) is doing maintenance on the site. It was being a little buggy last night (I guess it wasn't JUST Mitch's terrible internet connection, or lack of password).
Here I go. I have to clean up and get ready for bed.

Mee moo.

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