Friday, November 23, 2007

Major Fortune; be great

Oh my! It has been too long.
Thanksgiving break is the shiz. It's decided. Wednesday, we picked Brian up on the way home and I got to spend some good time with my family. It felt weird when 7 P.M. rolled around and I had already been home for quite a while; usually Mitch and I don't make it home until that time. I drank two glasses of egg nog and ate a bowl of chili; let me tell you: I had gas. That night and the next night. Gas, all the way through. I pooped twice at Mitch's, but they were mostly gas poops. You know that kind? When not a lot of substance comes out, just a lot of wet air? That's what I had. Mitch, Tony, Brian, Eric and I got together and watched Oceans Thirteen. Mitch and I saw that in the theater, but as it's pretty good, it wasn't bad to see it again. The first one, of course, is the best; twelve was terrible with the Julia Roberts playing Julia Roberts. Ugh. Awful. Who wrote twelve? Please don't tell me it's the same writers who wrote the other two?
I finally downloaded the new Motion City album, Even If It Kills Me. I can't say it's my favorite; I like the poppier tempos and this one's more rockish, but it's still good. Of course. That shouldn't even be asked.
Anyway, Thursday was fantastic. I went over to Mitch's for dinner at 12:30 P.M. and had excellent turkey, string beans, rolls, mashed potatoes, and salad. Yum yum! We also had pretty good wine; Steve brought it. Oh, Steve. We stayed until about six watching HairSpray with the fam: Kristi, Leah, and Hank cuddled while Mitch and the men played Aces. Then we went to my house to have more good turkey, corn, green beans, mashed potatoes, and jello. I mean gelatin. Although, it was Jello brand. Oh yeah, and we had dessert at both places. I had French silk at Mitch's and double apple (or something to that effect) at my house. I ate so much; on top of the milk, I just about exploded. And then for some reason I went over to the Cronin's and ate Scotcheroos. Soooooo fullllll.
Today was equally amazing. If not MORE! Mom made wonderful, yummy food. The kind you make when you want people to go along in a line grabbing whatever they want. BBQ beef, two kinds of gelatin (strawberry and orange, fruit and marshmallows and all), sparkling grape/apple juice, deviled eggs, and those delicious ham/pickle/cream cheese things mom make. Mom made a very very sweet toast to Mitchell and I, and all the while Ryan took pictures. He's a photographer now, and very good, by the sounds of it. I can't wait to get the pictures back. Lots of congratulations all around and a few adorable cards. It was another dream come true, as always with Mitch. We then played Pictionary and ate more cake and drank more soda. We watched a bit of Elf on TV and now we're at the Cronin's. I thanked Mom and hugged her before I left; it all went so nicely. I could cry!
Tomorrow I have a bit of grocery shopping to do; although, I also plan to check out Unclaimed Freight to see if they have some cute little stocking stuffers/gifts to buy. Christmas is coming and this next coming week is shot due to Vespers, so I have to start preparing! I'm not going to think about Vespers until Monday night. I feel happier and enjoy the moment more that way.
Mitch and I head back to the cities tomorrow afternoon for the Motion City/Mae/Anberlin show at the Myth. I've never seen any of them live, so I'm excited, but Mitch said we'll be standing the whole time. Yuck! I'm lazy.
I did have a little row with Mom the other day about politics. Advice: don't assume that just because you changed at college, everyone else back home has. Maintain the relaxing atmosphere of coming home and avoid arguments.
Oh no! I forgot to take a bath this weekend. Oh, I suppose I didn't have time for it; I've been out every night at Mitch's and the Cronin's. That's all right.
I'm looking forward to playing Wii and hangin' with my family tomorrow before Mitch and I leave. I have to squeeze in as much as possible; next week will be very busy!

Here's a question: What are you sitting on? A chair? Think about this: Is the chair you're sitting on a chair because it inevitably and always will be a chair, or is it chair because that's what you choose categorize it as?

Holidays and happiness!

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