Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Floaties; poop

Tuesday and counting!
Thanatos. Demon of death. And not demon like Satan demon. Speaking of Satan, who is he? Why is he a he? Why is God a big man in the sky? Ask yourself those questions.
I'm afraid my last blog was a little on the flamingly opinionated side, but it is my blog and if I suppose if you're reading this one, you haven't become too flabbergasted with me yet.
I got the Homemade flash drive back today, which means Thanksgiving weekend will be full of photo editing. And by full of photo editing, I mean fuller than my belly. That's saying something, considering I'll be eating three fantastic homemade (the food kind) meals in two days: Thanksgiving dinner at the Billings', Thanksgiving dinner at my house, and the engagement party's delicious BBQ beef. Yum yum.
QSU tonight was a lot of fun. We watched A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving and ate baked goods (I had a piece of cornbread, two pumpkin muffins, two brownies, and some apple juice. I admit: I've never actually seen Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving. Halloween and Christmas, for sure, many times. And Garfield's Halloween. But never Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving. Of course, it was FULL of "Good grief," and missing footballs held by Lucy and heads to the sky, whining about various things "can't you just see it?
Ave Maria is the shiz song. Which means it's the best.
I have a craving for DDR, so I'll be sure to play that while home. Oh wait! I can't; my PS2 is here. I'll just have to bring my pads here. Pads because I still have Ian's. !_!

I feel really bad about work today. I only actually did WORK work for about an hour; the rest of the time I fretted and researched for spring registration, which was today at 5 P.M. I intend to only put an hour on my time sheet. I'm an honest employee.
And yes, registration was today. I'm very pleased with my schedule. I would have liked to fit in small group communication and/or public speaking, but I got the last available seat in Interpersonal Communication with Kristen, so I'm still content. :)
I'll also be taking both required fitness courses: Foundations of Fitness and as my other, pickleball. Excellent, no?
I just saw a Tomb Raider (Revisited or something) commercial. I remember playing the Tomb Raider game for the PS1 over at Cherish and Thanh's house. I fought a bear.
I am all done with my Cultural Approach to Organizations essay. I feel fantastic; I think it's a pretty good work.
Speaking of that, I asked Mitch to check it over, so I'd better let him do that. I'm awfully tired and I have to get enough sleep to get through tomorrow.

Think about this: can't God just be an idea? Does he have to be a single entity?

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