Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Fish in a crucible

Another Vespers practice, sung and gone.
Starting with last night after yesterday's blog:
Mitch says he likes waking up with me more than falling asleep. I'm the opposite. Nights with someone you love (and it doesn't have to be a fiance; I know I feel somewhat the same way when I'm cuddling with Alan or Eric, watching a movie at the Cronin's house and eating way too many Scotcheroos) are simply fantastic. They lack complexity and that makes them so easy to enjoy: it is the end of the day and everything that happened, for good or bad, is brushed aside and it's just you and the person (or persons). Last night was a particularly good night. Mitch is a great snuggler.
Ordon Village. Twilight Princess. Ocarina of Time? Oh, decisions. Ocarina, of course, is the royal main course of all Zelda fans; it was revolutionary. Sound, graphics, story, character depth--all those things one looks for in a game--and more! Oh, the more it had! The total quality of the game (aesthetic value, features...) is extremely high.
And then you get a game like Twilight Princess. Is the story as deep, as enticing, as emotionally driven? There are a lot of fantastic things about it, and I'll be honest, it's pretty damn good. But are the ratings it gets because reviewers were deep down, wishing with all their might that it would at least equal the quality of Ocarina? I'm not sure, myself. The graphics were definitely disappointing, but then again, the Wii is no PS3, nor do I ever want it to resemble anything similar. Ocarina will always be my virgin-game, but I really feel I need to escape the "first love" loyalty in order to truly enjoy and be capable of fairly discussing other Zelda games.
An inner struggle that I don't think I'll ever tame.
Management today went all right. I didn't get any extra points, which was a little disheartening, but I've got something to hold on to: she knew my name! She's not good with names; just a week ago, she asked what it was. The fact is, she just doesn't use our names in class. Which, I think, makes the grading system that much more difficult: she doesn't know whose work is whose, so she grades them without brownie points in mind.
It's very strange that she doesn't use names in class. All my other professors recognize me spot on (I make it that way, but it pays to be known), and I call them all by either their first names (Kristen, Erica), or by just their last name, similarly to calling Mr. Nelson, "Nelson," (Crockett, Quanbeck). I refer to Quanbeck as "Kooky Quanbeck" when I'm not directly speaking to him, but that's something entirely different.
I found a few things I want. Too bad I feel terribly guilty when I indulge in myself. That Mitch character is a bad influence.
We finished watching Ferris Bueller's Day Off today in Augsem. We started last week; Quanbeck says it has good messages about vocation in it. We didn't see any. He also mentioned something about Ferris being a saviour figure, and how it was ironic that throughout the movie, Ferris needed saving ("save Ferris"). I don't think, until now, I'd ever seen the movie in its entirety all at one time. I've got a lot of movies like that. Gangs of New York is another.
Colin said the 1938 Beauty and the Beast is supposed to be...well, I don't remember what Colin said, specifically. He says a lot of things. Either it was really good or it was really weird. It could be both, I suppose. Try watching and Clockwork Orange without raising your eyebrows or dropping your jaw. Try it. Report back to me on your findings.
Remember that green frame Mitch bought for me to put my color pages in? I have to color a winter-themed page to show in place of the Halloween picture (a swamp monster with a trick-or-treat bag and a pumpkin) that's been up since mid-October.
I get tomorrow evening off! Relatively, of course. I have homework. But that's just normal stuff. No Vespers practice tomorrow; Thursday is the full run-through, but I'll ignore that until it's absolutely in my face.
Mitch made me dinner tonight: sesame chicken and rice. Delicious! That man is a great cook. We have a smooth little system going; he cooks, I clean. When there's time I make dessert, but I always end up eating most of it. I love our relationship.
I got a place in Small Group Communication! HOORAH! It made my day. As well as something Jesse said during management that was VERY hilarious: "My mom told me she didn't want me playing violin because it's a gay instrument."
The hilarious part is that he instead plays saxophone, and he's still gay.
I love Jesse.

I can definitely tell the difference. Between what? I don't know, but I can.

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