Monday, November 12, 2007

Candy Pandas

"You can't knock 'em out, you can't walk away..."
I'm sitting here at Mitch's, on his computer because I forgot my charger, listening to Lily Allen. She is fantastic. I frequently get stuck between absolutely loving her and Regina Spektor. Which one do I like more? I just don't know. Lily has a poppy, flowing sound, whereas Regina has a more rugged, glottal voice. Both are very frank in their music. I know Regina writes her own songs, but I'll be honest: I'm not sure if Lily does...Both incorporate politics, trends, and literature into their songs. I suppose I'll resolve to adore them both.
What I DO know is that I have boogers. And I have a desperate need to pick them, but I won't resort to that. I'll wait 'til they're crispy and then I'll blow them out.
Oh woops! I appear to have missed the article announcing Tori Hunter and Johan's Gold Glove wins. Yeah yeah, go Twins! It's still a shame they never got off the ground and running for very long last season; the offense was just lacking. The defense wasn't terrible, neither was pitching, but without run support, games can't be won. There's always next year! We drove by the Dome the other day and I got a quick glimpse into its innards. I miss baseball season!!
I get my ring back soon! I think Thursday. I remember the jeweler saying it might be ready Tuesday, but it could only be picked up in Eden Prairie. That's farther away than Bloomington, and Mitch has night class (Marketing Research; he's so good; he scored a perfect on his midterm!) on Wednesday, so Thursday's probably the day. I'm very excited.
I was planning on giving Mom a call tonight; she wasn't on MSN, which made me sad, but hopefully I'll talk to her in a while. I want to get it done before Mitch gets here so I can give him the massage I promised him.
Last night was so much fun. Sara came; she is as awesome as I thought. She's very easy to get along with, and it seems like she'll fit right in here at Augsburg, should she choose to come here. She mentioned nobody was mean; everyone was polite and nice. I think that stems from the attitude here that it's cooler to be down-to-earth and individual, rather than critical and selective.
I got my Management notes taken care of, but I don't have my outline for Scholar Citizen done. Not that it's technically due at any time, but it'd be nice to get a head-start on the paper due Friday. I was about to work on it when I found out I hadn't grabbed my charger. Big bummer.
But it's ok. I plan on having hot chocolate tonight, and that will make everything seem easy. Chocolate is fantastic. I ate a load of M&Ms earlier, and I feel grand. Although, I have noticed when I eat TOO much chocolate, I get zits. Oh, to think back on middle school days; there were those who used a lot of makeup to cover up zits (that was me), there were those who wore bandages on their face (those were my favorite to spot and ask about; awkwardness), there were those who never got zits...
Religion today was pretty fun. We discussed Christianity in general terms from the time after the Apostles until now. We touched on such things as the meetings where the divinity of Jesus was decided (I like to privately scoff at that), and the supreme holiness of Mary (the "mother of God"). It's such a neat class. I don't think I'm alone when I say everything I ever thought about religion is basically being thrown out the window. And that's not necessarily a bad thing. Even if I was Christian, or religious of any sorts, questioning my faith wouldn't make me a bad believer or follower. The same goes for the question of the divinity of Jesus. So what if he was completely human? That doesn't disregard the wise things he supposedly said, or the horrendous suffering he went through. As far as Christians are concerned, he could be either and they'd still be ok. Are people who believe Jesus was wholly human practicing the "wrong" religion?
Silly thought. Silly thought for silly people who haven't properly examined their religion.
We get our Management tests back tomorrow. Although, she never gives us stuff back until the end of the class period, so I have to go through another antagonizing hour and a half. Johanna said I did well, but I need to know HOW well, or how much she exaggerated. :)
I work tomorrow, and that means I get to bring in my Halloween pictures at last! It's been a half-a-month; way too long. I can't wait to see them up on the site; it's a big step for me.
"Nan, you're a window shopper..."
I need to stop saying "I suppose." It makes me indirectly feel stressed.
And so:
I'm going to call Mom now. End of story. :)

Peace out, PQ. That's how Quanbeck closes his emails.

Watching the fish and relax-a-laxing.

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