Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Arrange Chex on headboards and lick

Guess what we're watching?
Yeah, you're right.
I really want to get someone a bento box for Christmas. Slash have one. Also, the lucky cat teacup that I've been mentioning a lot. AND I also found training chopsticks.
Mom brought up a good point; I'd be better off asking for Twilight Princess for my birthday, since I'll theoretically have more time to play it during the summer. That means I have to come up with something else to ask for Christmas. Possibly a membership to the Association for Business Communications? It's half that of a membership to the National Association for Communication.
I had some tea earlier! It was very exciting. Mitch bought me some cinnamon sticks from Taco Bell and we had a grand ol' time munching on delicious wintery things.
I watched InuYasha today after work/dinner. It was extremely pleasing. I watched the first movie. I was stuck between the first and the second for a while; Kikyo isn't in the second one as much (I can't remember if she's in there at all), but she is in the first one. And despite me being the "Kikyo" of our little trio (Taryn, Cassie, and I), she's still terribly depressing. But it's ok. I love the InuYasha movies. They're happy and peppy. I like that fruity stuff. Cute, anime characters with too many faults, awful dub voices, but inescapably adorable personalities. It makes me feel young again, watching InuYasha.
Mom said she lets Maggie sleep with her at night. Poor Ernie! I miss having a kitty to snuggle with. Even though Ernie's not as good as Bert was. At least Ernie doesn't stick his butt in my face; and at least Ernie's butt isn't dirty in the first place. Oh no! She said she put motion detectors up in the house and now Ernie has to sleep in the cold, scary basement. I'll bring you here, Ernie! We could smuggle him. Nobody would notice; Cherish did it for a couple years. As long as you keep them clean and not smelly.
I wish I could legally have a pet here. I miss having something fuzzy to cuddle with. Mitch is hairy, sure, but not like a kitty. He also doesn't meow, which is key.
The full Vespers run through is tomorrow. Four hours of "fun!" Oh yay. But after that, it's just performances. And even though that means being at the church from 3-10 P.M. and singing for four of those hours, at least they're finally performances and not just rehearsals. There's just something about rehearsing that makes you hate life.
"There is one Truth, and the goal of our beliefs and the outcome of those beliefs is that Truth; this one Truth is the Truth for everybody, no matter what they choose to believe." That is an entirely Western way of thinking.
Just in case you didn't know.
Easterners, on average, believe that there are many different truths, and many different paths to those truths. Take Hinduism for example. If you were to say "I think Jesus should be a deity to follow," they would say "Sure! Why not?" And place a statue of him aside the other statues of all the other dieties.
Also, the idea that God is a single entity (more specifically, and mistakenly, a big man up in the sky), is fairly new.
I prefer the personification path: we put faces (such as Aphrodite) to ideologies in order to portray them in art, etc.
Also, just because something is useful and should be applied in life, doesn't make it true (i.e., the sciences).
Ask yourself this question: What do you use as a basis for things in everyday life that you have always deemed true, but in reality, is simply useful?

Ancient Greeks preferred small breasts.

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