Sunday, October 28, 2007


Well I didn't do all the Management homework yet, but I will! You just watch.
Also, Mitch got Leopard today, and he's been playing with it since he picked it up. I made him Halloween confetti cake with sprinkles AND candy corn on top, but he says he's still full from the Chinese food we ordered.
I cleaned again when I got back; the room wasn't as messy as I figured it would be, so kudos to the men! EXCEPT--CHARLES, that idiot, left his pizza boxes inside the oven so when I went to put my cake in to cook, a whole crap ton of smoke blew in my face and filled the dorm. I wafted it away from the smoke detector with a towel (a very handy trick), but it reeked like burned boxes for a long time...
The Rockies are failing me and it's sad. Why can't they just score two teensy runs? WHY? Boston's only leading by two, it's not an inescapable game. It reminds me of the Twins. Their offense was terrible this year.
I brought Clyde and Lolita with me--I couldn't leave them at home! And besides, there are enough stuffies at home that one in particular won't get lonely.
That Nextel commercial with the construction workers making music and such gives me mixed feelings. Do I like it? Do I find it extremely annoying? You know what commercial I DEFINITELY don't like? The one where this cute little girl says "My daddy worked really hard but we were poor, but now that he uses some crappy website, he's rich and buys me puppies and I'm not sad anymore." Or something like that.
Oh, I adore MLB.
David Ortiz is round. :)
I don't have theater lab tomorrow; I forgot who's actually working tomorrow, but my group isn't. It will be a nice little reprieve. Even though theater lab isn't that strenuous or anything. It's a pretty fun class. I didn't really want to be an actress; I wanted to do something different, like publicity, but that's ok. Being an actress is ok.
I can't wait 'til it's hot chocolate time! (That's 10 P.M.). And now I have marshmallows, which makes the whole process of loving liquid chocolate that much better.
I played Oracle of Seasons tonight. I have to admit I've never actually finished the game (does that make me a bad person?), but I intend to this time. (Doesn't everyone say that?)
I brought my Strawberry Shortcake coloring book to Mitch's dorm instead of my strictly Halloween book. Speaking of that; I can't forget to give El and Hannah their respective colored pages. (El gets an owl and Hannah gets a fish).
The Treble Festival is this coming Saturday. I'm actually not sure which one this is; either the one where we collaborate with other ACTC colleges or the one where we work with high school girls on music.
Oh my gawrsh. I'm so busy this week. Lots of Halloween stuff, a Scholar Citizen quiz on Monday, and that Management Test. But I have to keep a positive attitude and be optimistic that it will all turn out fine or else I'll crash and burn.

Ok. I'm feeling either a little more Zelda or a little studying. Or coloring.
I'm so indecisive. :( :( :( :(


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