Saturday, October 27, 2007


Today was great. I woke up late (after having a few scare-a-larily nightmares) and Mom made Belgian waffles--strawberries and powdered sugar--MMM!!! Mitch came back from band tour today as well, so I got to hear all about the adventures he had. We went over to his great aunt Elenore (that's not how her name is spelled, I'm sure) and had Chinese with his aunts and Elenore and Grandma Billings and some other lady. :) Oh, and then pumpkin pie. DELICIOUS!
Speaking of delicious, this cinnamon bun candle that I have burning smells like heaven. Or a very good cinnamon bun, which is close enough. C'MON, ROCKIES!!! BOO BOSTON!!!!
I'm so excited to start as the photographer for Homemade. Pictures, pictures, pictures. There are a lot of neat things to get involved with at Augsburg that I never would have guessed. Especially coming from such a small school where you know everything about everyone and everything about the school and basically everything there is to know about the town in general---it's nice to find new things to do.
I'm waiting for Mitch and co. to get done watching the play. I didn't go just because I didn't and that's the end of it, but now I'm lonely and want them to get done so we can WII MAN!!!
I look like crap. I think I'll have to go powder my face before I leave, even though I don't really care. I at least don't want to look scary.
BAHAHA. Scary. SPEAKING OF SCARY: I went to Unclaimed Freight like I said I wanted to and got a clear plastic bowl thingy to put the candy I'll be handing out in. Well I went to Supervalu today and they had pumpkin bowl thingies for $.99, which is just as little as I paid for the plain clear bowl.
Mom said I shouldn't feel bad if I go back and get the pumpkin thing, but we'll see. I'm a cheapo.
MAGGIE ALMOST DESTROYED CLYDE. How dare she, that stinker.
That's what I named my sock creatures: Clyde and Lolita. Yeah yeah, Mommy!
OPE. Mitch just called. The play is done and apparently Bronte was pretty good. Good job, Bronte!!
OK, here I go. We're over at the Cronin's tonight, which is VERY exciting for me.
Oh, and Mitch and I are heading back to campus at about noon tomorrow, so I should probably get up early and pack up my laundry, etc.

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