Friday, October 26, 2007

Abcdefg, BYA (pronounced "bee-ya").

This is mah first post, dooods.
I'm home this weekend! How exciting.
Maggie (Mom's new Poodle puppy) is Ca-Ra-ZEE. She's all over the freakin' place, flitting in and out of my walking path; she's going to get stepped on, she is, yes sir, yes she is, yesssssssss.
I plan on going to Unclaimed Freight later to see if they have a cheap (that's not hard to find) plastic bowl (I'm sure that won't be either) to put the candy that I'll be handing out for Halloween in. Yeah yeah, carrots, Halloween! So: should I be Alice or a butterfly? I have to decide before Sunday--pretty early too--Mitch has to get back to campus so he can go to the Guthrie Theater with his KAUG staff.
Ernie (only the best cat in the whole wide world!) is waiting for me to give him some more food, but he's just SO FAT I can't bring myself to damage his arteries more. He's not nearly as big as Bert was (BERT, THE BIG MONSTER CAT, OH NOEZ), but he's still too large to be healthy.
I sent an email to Zelda Elements to see if they needed any more writers on their staff, but I haven't heard back from them yet. Zelda Dungeon was also looking for writers, but apparently they had a lot of responses, and I definitely did not make the greatest impression, I'll be honest. I used my usual, nutso silly style. Like "WUT IS UP MAN(ZORZ)?" Ah, leet. How poetically is speaks to my soul. >.<
I have to study for another SUPER CRAZY Principles of Management test; it's on Thursday and each test is worth 200 points. jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeebus.
But it's a great class, really. Professor Magda is fantastic.
yarp yarp yarp.
I also plan on playing much Twilight Princess today. MUCH Twilight Princess. Mostly because I didn't get to play any last time I came home, and it was a huge disappointment. I just started the Temple of Time, so that will be my first goal.
Ok. Here I go. I'm going to do something. Study, Unclaimed Freight...oh yeah. Speaking of that. I have to make sure I have enough money on my check card. Yes, money would be nice to have at the register...


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