Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Caramel Lotion and Velcro Monkeys named Fergus

LIEK, OMG MAN. Management test, Thursday!! Yikes. We have a substitute all this week because Magda is in Russia, and he gave us the answers to all the multiple choice answers today. Though, she likes to drop questions that weren't in the study guide, so I still have to read the book (not to mention the crazy hard essay questions). You know what, though? It seems a lot like my independent study tests...my essay questions for those were all ridiculous--and there were always a lot of multiple choice. However, being as I made the test, and knew that nothing new would find its way onto the paper, it was always relatively easy to study for the test, even if it wasn't easy to complete them. I loved my independent study. I miss Mikla!! I'll have to email him soon; he told me to stay in contact.
I'm sitting here next to Clyde and Lolita, listening to the Nightmare Before Christmas OST (that's "Original Soundtrack"). Safeblock was tonight, which is where neighborhood kids come to Augsburg to trick-or-treat through the dorms. There's games for them play in the lobby and then they get taken through the residence halls to get candy from whoever wanted to participate. I dressed up as...you guessed it, Alice. It's um, the third year in a row? I seriously considered the butterfly idea, but the wings would just be so inconvenient to store. They fit well in my closet at home, but that's because that closet is ginormous. I got some pretty good pictures for Homemade--there are a couple REALLY funny ones of Sam, Nate, and the pumpkin. I didn't get to go to For the Kool Kyds, which was a dinner wrapping up LGBTQIA Month, which is a real disappointment since I'm in QSU (that's "Queer and Straight in Unity"). I didn't realize Safeblock was tonight, I thought it was tomorrow, being Halloween and all. But I guess tomorrow is the Anderson Halloween Party, which I'm excited for...even though I only get to go for a teensy bit of time (Management test the next morning!!!).
Mitch said he'd have some cake before he goes to bed tonight, which is good news. I was afraid I'd be the only one eating that confetti cake he picked out.
There was a snotty little kid that tried to take more candy than I gave him. I put some candy in his bag and then he pulled the bowl down and took a huge pack of Skittles. I told him no! you can't have more than what I gave you! Save some for the other kids! And he gave me this incredulously mischief look, waited a few seconds, and then gave it back. Oh, children...
I really want to play Zelda before I go to bed, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to. I really should--I didn't bring my coloring book, so I'll need something to de-stress me. Coloring is great for that. GREAT. FANTASTIC. I love it.
Kristen (my Intro to Communications professor) had us say our favorite video game as we went through roll call on Monday. She is so cool. Seriously. Meet this woman and make friends.
I don't plan on going home again until Thanksgiving, so I'm err...looking forward to doing laundry here. Yeah. Looking forward to it.
That's ok. I have something DEFINITELY AWESOME to look forward to. Kristen said in lieu of competing on the team, she'd let me speak for her and she'd critique me. I think I'll start out with Extemp. Reading. I don't really want to memorize a speech in the next few weeks. Especially THIS week. THIS WEEK IS CAH-RAZY. I have things going on every night. And usually that's not such a big deal, I mean, college nights are generally pretty packed either with homework or meetings, but this week in particular is chock full of stuff. If I keep up the optimism, I'll be fine!!!
Well I suppose. It's almost hot chocolate time and I want to review some more management before I hit the hay (as well as play some Zelda...and maybe I should review the Communications worksheet on Wal-Mart due tomorrow).


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